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LG provide excellent support and access to parts for a service repair companies. As a result, here at Repair Aid we can service and repair your LG kitchen appliance using our same day turnaround. All parts are readily available and our qualified technicians ready to help.

Because our staff have all been trained in house over and above their external qualifications, they can work on any domestic machine out there. They also enjoy ongoing development and training so that their knowledge never becomes obsolete and they can service new machines as they are released onto the market as it may become necessary.

We repair all large built-in, integrated and freestanding LG appliances including:

  • washing machines
  • combo washer dryers
  • dishwashers
  • tumble dryers
  • fridges and freezers
  • American style fridge freezers
  • multi door fridge freezers

About LG – Korean excellence at its best

LG™ started life in South Korea in 1958 and has grown into a multinational conglomerate. LG™s home appliances are manufactured by one of the four separate units of LG™ Electronics corporation, which in turn is only a small part of the greater conglomerate.

LG™s home appliance division manufactures both large and small domestic appliances from washing machines and tumble dryers, fridges, freezers, cookers to smaller appliances such as microwave ovens and coffee machines.


It seems that developing completely independent ideas in developing household technology is a South Korean thing. LG™ has equalled its rivals at Samsung™ when it comes to thinking out of the box. Having developed new technology amongst all its domestic appliances, one is simply astonished at the possibilities.

Washing machines typically have two or more of a selection of six new technologies namely, TWINwash, Truesteam, Turbowash, 6 MotionDD, Inverter Direct Drive and Pause and Add Item.

The Instaview door in door allows you to open the fridge to have a view of what is inside without letting the cold out, saving energy and reducing waste. Freshbalancer adjusts the humidity in the vegetable drawer, keeping fresh food edible for longer.

The inverter motor in the dishwasher range has allowed a perfected design where an additional rack can be added creating more space for additional kitchenware.


LG™ are designed to look both stylish and offer technological solutions. It appears that everything inside their dishwashers is adjustable, the racks, the baskets and the overall space. Meeting the needs of all dishwasher users LG™ have truly made their mark.

Rather than using a belt and pulley type system the motor is one of an inverted type. This saves energy and provides for a quiet motor that runs quietly in the background.  LG have such faith in the durability of their motors that they guarantee parts for ten years.

Fridges and Freezers

Keeping the fridge cool is a priority that LG™ recognises. Their Instaview door means that you can see the contents of your fridge without opening it preventing energy loss and faster spoilage of the contents. In particularly busy family homes this is a huge bonus. The door illuminates with two quiet knocks and lets you see within the fridge with no difficulty.

The freezer sections have drawers that open automatically. No more battling the frozen drawers of your old fridge freezer as this frost-free environment is well controlled.

With wi-fi connection you can monitor the fridge, its contents and its temperature from your mobile phone while you are away. With a pantry section different temperatures can be set for different foodstuffs keeping all items equally fresh.

Washing Machines

TWIN Wash takes the laundry capacity up to 14kg that is twice as much as the capacity of a mainstream domestic machine. The idea of washing twice as many clothes as usual in one go is appealing to most homemakers. LG™ really knew what the drawcard would be for their machines when they developed this idea.

Similarly, being able to pause the machine and add an odd item that had been accidentally forgotten is a feature that Mums and Dads alike the world over have dreamt of. Now it is a reality and very easy to do.

Add to all of this the time saving capacity with Turbowash which allows you to complete a wash in just 49 minutes. Furthermore, the Steam cleaning feature that the LG™ machines offers are life changing for some. They enable the removal of allergens from clothing and help to keep clothes fresher and newer looking without harming the textiles.

Quieter and more environmentally friendly machines allow the purchasers to share in the global effort to keep the earth habitable for future generations. This is a requirement that most consumers now expect product manufacturers to meet.

Tumble Dryers

Washer dryers as well as standalone dryers have become more economical and environmentally friendly to use. This has probably been an evolution from necessity as lifestyles have changes dramatically over the last two decades.

LG™ dryers have integrated the steam technology from their washing machines allowing the user to refresh clothing that developed an odour but is otherwise clean. Meeting the demand in the market for condenser dryers, heat pump and vented dryers LG™ can compete with other manufacturers spanning from the entry level market right to the high end. This makes them an unusual breed of manufacturer, but then the Koreans have been known for their out of the box approach to business.

The condenser cleans itself up to seven times during a drying cycle so there is no fear of lint blockage or build-up. These tumble dryers should be on every buyers list to explore before purchase decisions are made.

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