Why is My Fridge Noisy

Your fridge can be a great appliance, but if you sat and listened to it all day, you would be surprised at how many noises it makes. Because there are a lot of parts inside the fridge that all do different things, it makes quite a few noises.

If your fridge is making some of these noises, you might be interested as to why. Thanks to our considerable experience working with fridges here at Repair Aid, we are confident we can tell you exactly why things are happening. Let’s get started.

Finding the Source

Ultimately, finding out where the noise is coming from will determine what’s making the noise. For example, if the noise is near the freezer, then it’s probably the icemaker. If it’s coming from somewhere else, then it could be the defrosting timer.

Fridge Ice Maker

One of the most common problems that the fridge has is it makes a creaking noise when the icemaker is creating ice. This is because ice will often get stuck in the teeth of the ice making machine, and the motor tries to push it out, but cannot do so.

Defrosting Timer

Your defrosting timer can make a significant amount of noise when it heats up and cools down. This is because the metal parts are expanding and contracting. Just like with the icemaker, this is not normally considered to be a major problem. Instead, it’s just regarded as one of the normal processes of the fridge

Other Sources

If your fridge has a moving part, that moving part can make a creaking noise. For example, the condenser fan might experience metal rubbing against metal, which could make a creaking sound.

The thing that you need to try and remember is that sometimes the sounds are quite similar. So, what you hear, and what somebody else might hear are often two different things.

It’s often difficult to determine what exactly is making a noise when there are so many moving parts. However, it’s also important to remember that to a certain degree, these noises are perfectly normal. The fridge is going to make noises. It is a piece of machinery that is constantly working, and this will generate the odd noise here and there. It’s nothing sinister most of the time, unless it sounds desperately unhealthy, or it carries on for a long time.

Final Thoughts

So, to answer the question, your fridge is noisy because it is constantly doing things. It’s not noisy because it’s broken, it’s not noisy because it’s going to explode, it’s just making a noise because that’s what a fridge does.

Obviously, if something is crunching, groaning, or sounds like it’s breaking for a long time, that might be a problem. However, the majority of noises the fridge makes are perfectly normal, and you just get used to them. It’s not that difficult, it doesn’t take too long to figure out, and the results are often very inconsequential. However, you are welcome to contact us if you’re not happy with something.

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