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Indesit is one Europe’s main home appliance manufacturers originating from Italy. Originally founded by Vittorio Merloni as ElletroDomesticiti in 1975, and merged with Indesit in 1987 to form what is today known as Indesit Company. By 1989, having acquired its largest competitors, and operating under the Ariston and Indesit brands Indesit became the fourth largest appliance manufacturer in Europe. With a turnover of over one billion dollars per annum, that was no mean feat.

By 2017 the company had sold a 60 percent stake to Whirlpool who sought to expand their interest beyond the US market.

Indesit Service and Repairs

There probably isn’t an appliance repairman that hasn’t seen the inside of an Indesit™ machine. Of course, Indesit also means Hotpoint and other related brands. They are popular and well built. We can source parts for your machine quickly and deliver an efficient repair service within really good time scales.

All of this and you’ll find that we don’t cost the earth either. Providing service and parts in a quick and efficient manner is what we do well, here at Repair Aid. Our technicians usually carry the required parts with them in their vehicles preventing further unnecessary delay. Our Repair Aid technicians have been trained externally as well as in house and are qualified to repair the latest models of all the big brand names. Furthermore we also provide 1 year guarantee on all the work we do.

Repair Aid – Independent Indesit Appliance Repair Company

More About Indesit

Currently Indesit™ manufactures, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, washing machines, and accessory appliances as well. Holding the captive market in the UK and Italy as well as much of Eastern Europe their popularity comes as no surprise. Associated with reliability and longevity the Indesit™ brand performs well as one of the top four appliance manufacturers in Europe and the Near East.

Brands associated with Indesit include Ariston, Hotpoint, Elco, Scholtes, Stinol and Termogamma.

Cooking and Baking

Indesit™ have been manufacturing cooking appliance to meet the practical needs of the population and yet have, managed to integrate the class and design sensitivities that higher end buyers look for. The company has entered the competitive market for installed kitchens and have done a good job in making their mark. They have developed a good sense of market demand by producing cookers that meet the requirements from across the market. Both free standing and built in as well as both gas and electric, they have managed to offer something for everyone.  That is a major achievement. With features such as a grill, twin cooker and defrosting mechanisms, even the lower end of the market gets to enjoy superb technology.

The higher end Aria range of ovens provides preprogramed electronic controls that will cook around 80 recipes at the touch of a button. No resetting of temperatures and times. The oven does it all.

Laundry and Washing

If you think they have made a difference across the spectrum with their cooking appliances, wait until you see how they have developed washing machine technology! With the clear difference in the unique selling points being that they provide for a broad market, it is notable that they have not dropped the ball.

For those that simply have to hack the pressures in everyday life and can’t spend time working out their washing machine controls Indesit™ have introduced push and wash. You simply put your load in the machine, close the door and press a single button. The machine does all the rest. Grandma would be envious.

Indesit™ machines have been nicknamed the tome machines. One thing no one seems to have spare these days is time. Having come up with the solution every busy household needs Indesit™ are leading the pack. With six different preprogramed time saving washes, starting from only twenty minutes to fifty nine minutes, there are no long delays between washes any longer.

It’s the intuitive nature of the appliances that make Indesit™ so special. While it may appear on the surface that they’re all brawn, there is no doubt that there is brain behind these workhorses as well. Coupled with the intuitive push and go features, these machines include the essential eco wash, inverter and anti odour cycles. You are spoilt for choice.


Indesit™ deserve a special mention for their dryers. With the fast 45 you can dry your clothes using the machines intuitive ability. If that wasn’t enough, the machine also reduces up to 70 percent of energy consumption with this intuitive operation. When your clothes are dry they are dry. Not damp, not creased, not just warm. They are dry. Delivering exactly what it says on the box. When the programme says that it reduces creases you can believe that it does. Far less ironing to worry about and in some cases no ironing at all!

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