Your Whirlpool Appliance Repair

Whirlpool Appliance Repair

When you consider every criteria Whirlpool is probably the biggest electronics appliance manufacturer in operation today. They have so many different appliances under their brand that it’s highly likely you have at least some kind of Whirlpool product in your home.

It could be a washing machine, microwave, tumble dryer or cooker and that’s just a few of the possibilities. But have you ever thought about what you’d do if your home appliance just stopped working or got damaged? Your options are limited, aren’t they?

Calling the manufacturer isn’t always an option but with our amazing appliance repair service, you’ll always have a way to get your faulty appliances fixed. At Repair Aid, you’ll find a group of experienced professionals who can help with a wide assortment of different faults and errors. Just read on to find out more about how our amazing repair services can benefit you.

Why Choose Us For Your Whirlpool Appliance Repair

There is no one reason to choose Repair Aid, it’s even better than that because there are many reasons! Just look at the main advantages below and I’ am sure you’ll agree!

  1. Experience is essential when dealing with appliance repairs and at Repair Aid, all our repairmen have a wealth of experience and the highest-quality training available.
  2. We offer a guarantee with every repair we carry out, the age and condition of the appliance we are fixing doesn’t matter either. You’ll always get a guarantee.
  3. No one wants to be left waiting for a repairman to show up, but with Repair Aid, you won’t have to! We offer a very quick service, and this includes next-day and even same-day appointments.
  4. Finally, we treat our vans as our own personal ‘on the go’ warehouses so we have all the parts and components we could need to carry out any repairs onsite.

About Whirlpool

Whirlpool is one of the largest home appliance manufacturers in the world and it’s a name that many people probably recognise. They own many brands and are a regular site on the Fortune 500 lists. Established in 1911 Whirlpool started out as an electric motor-driven wringer washing machine manufacturer but nowadays they have practically every type of appliance under their brand.

Many of the appliances they are known for today were introduced because of a growing demand for laundry and kitchen appliances after the second world war. With over 65 manufacturing and research centres, Whirlpool appliances are a common sight all around the world.

Common Whirlpool faults

With so many different appliances under the Whirlpool brand name, it goes without saying that some will suffer faults and errors. Whirlpool washing machines, for example, can suffer a variety of different errors from small easy to fix issues to more complicated problems. But whatever Whirlpool appliance you have we can help make sure it’s always working correctly.

Despite the large array of appliances under their brand and the many others they own, Whirlpool has a very good reputation. But even though errors and faults can still occur with the Repair Aid team helping you a fault doesn’t mean the end of your appliance.

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5 Simple Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Us

  1. 1 1 year guarantee on all appliance repairs
  2. 2 Local, highly qualified engineers
  3. 3 Same-day and next-day visits at no additional cost
  4. 4 Fixed price with no hidden costs
  5. 5 Weekend appointments at no extra charge

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