Dishwashers, tips and advice from the Repair Aid experts

Dishwashers are luxury appliances which means they aren’t quite as common as things like washing machines or tumble dryers. Which means there isn’t as much information out there about them which can be difficult if things start to go wrong.

If you own a dishwasher then our articles and guides below are sure to come in handy. We’ve compiled helpful advice, tips, and tricks and much more which is sure to be useful for any dishwasher owner.

Because dishwashers aren’t quite as common as other kitchen appliances if things break down it can be difficult to know who to turn to for help. Thankfully the Repair Aid team can help you out there!

Our experienced tradesmen have all the knowledge, skills and training to carry out a wide-range of dishwasher repairs.

Our guides and articles are sure to contain plenty of useful information but calling in a professional is always going to be your best option when it comes to breakdowns and errors.

So, if you are one of those lucky people with their own dishwasher make sure you check out our helpful and informative guides and articles below to learn more about how these luxurious and incredibly helpful appliances work.

cove - sub-zero wolf dishwasher

Cove – The High-End Dishwashers Created By Sub-Zero Wolf

There is no doubt that Sub-Zero and Wolf certainly struck it lucky when it comes to their name. Can any other kitchen appliance manufacturer compete ...

commercial dishwasher

Commercial vs Domestic Dishwashers: What Are The Differences?

When running a restaurant, bar or coffee shop, resources can be limited – particularly in those early days. As a result, you have to make ...

get many more years out of your dishwasher

Extend The Life Of Your Dishwasher

Like buying any essential household appliance, buying a dishwasher is a pretty big financial commitment. When you’re spending that type of money, it’s likely that ...

New Innovations in Dishwasher Technology

New Innovations in Dishwasher Technology

While we were once happy when our dishwashers simply worked and kept our dishes clean, today’s dishwashers are full of impactful features and interesting innovations ...

dishwasher safe cookware set

Dishwasher Safe – What Does it Mean?

You know, it’s a pretty common occurrence for us to have dishwashers in that need repairs. Here at Repair Aid, we always see one issue ...

integrated slimline dishwasher

Slimline Dishwashers – What Don’t You Know?

Picking a dishwasher can be difficult. With all of the different combinations and choices that are available to you, it can be hard to make ...

Stacking Your Dishwasher

Stacking Your Dishwasher – Tips and Tricks

So, stacking your dishwasher can be a bit of a frosty topic in some houses. Everyone has got a whole different idea of how the ...

rinse aid additive

What is a Rinse Aid?

With many of us now desiring ways to cut down the time we spend on chores, dishwashers have become a highly sought appliance. Whether you’re ...

Smelly Dishwasher

Why Your Dishwasher Smells Bad (And What You Can Do About It)

When you walk into your kitchen, you want to smell freshness and cleanliness. Unfortunately, kitchens tend to be prone to some pretty bad smells. Whether ...

Retro Dishwasher

Dishwasher History – a Look at the Legend

The dishwasher is something which you see in every modern home. It has a lot of bells and whistles on it which make our lives ...

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