Dishwashers, tips and advice from the Repair Aid experts

Get The Most From Your Dishwashing Machine

Get The Most From Your Dishwashing Machine

A good dishwasher arrangement is the main difference between sparkling clean dishes and having dishes with food remains after washing. How to load a dishwasher ...

Poorly fitted dishwasher

My Dishwasher Isn’t Levelled – What Can I Do

A dishwasher costs money and therefore care must be taken during handling and installation of this handy piece of machine.  By recommendation, this appliance is ...

Dishwasher or Hand Washing - Which Cleans Better?

Which Cleans Better? Dishwasher or Hand Washing

When it comes to washing dishes, most people cannot decide whether it is better for them to clean the dishes manually or to use a ...

Condensation Problems From A Dishwasher

Condensation Problems From A Dishwasher

Problems associated with dishwater condensation can be the cause of damage to kitchen cabinets and also storage of foods. Based on the type of countertop ...

Dishwasher Features

Best Dishwasher Features

It is essential to know the features you want your dishwasher to have. Honestly, it makes the decision-making process a lot easier. If you grasp ...

Things to never wash in a dishwasher

What Things Should You Never Put In A Dishwasher

A dishwasher can be a huge help to people especially if they live in a house with a lot of people, big families, in particular, ...

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