Indesit Washing Machine Repairs

Indesit is one of the major and best recognised large appliance brands in Europe and a favourite appliance of choice for many homemakers. An established Italian manufacturer with a reputation for making durable, reliable and affordable machines, their position in the market is well deserved. Indesit offer a range of choice that not many can compete against and that no one can fault. With machine capacities that include 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 kg and colour ranges to suit almost any kitchen being white, black and grey, the versatility of the brand not only technologically but in terms of design, style and aesthetics shines through.

The beauty of the Indesit brand is how the market that is targeted for these machines can enjoy higher range features at competitive prices that machines that offer the same range of features do not. Indesit have developed a competitive approach in bringing higher end machines to a market that would not expect to see them. This is what has resulted in their market position.

Issues and troubleshooting

Indesit washing machines like any other brand experience problems from time to time. The very nature of the machine is what causes problems to arise over time. Dealing with problems timeously will prevent them from causing problems that will develop elsewhere in the machine or deteriorating to a point that the machine breaks down completely. There are however several problems typical of most machines, that will arise during the lifetime of a machine.

There are a range of potential problems that could happen either because of wear in the machine or environmental factors that impact directly on the machine.

Washing Machine Leaks

When dealing with a leak the first thing that should be explored is the immediate environment including connectors and hoses. Often these will have a poor connection that requires something as simple as plumbing tape in the threads of the connecting hose to the water supply. Being able to identify the nature of the leak means that homeowner will know when they can resolve the leak and when they will need to call an engineer with the expertise to resolve the issue.

Leaks can also occur from the detergent dispenser as a consequence of levelling failure during installation or excessive water pressure. Simply levelling the feet can resolve the problem.

Washing Machine Noise

There are many reasons why a machine becomes noisy including the infamous poor installation. There are times when the brackets and bolts have not been properly removed. If these have and the reason for the noise id not obvious then calling a qualified engineer would be the next step.

Washing Machine Smell

Smelly washing machines are usually the result of a bacterial build-up because the machine has been used consistently at low temperatures. A combination of low temperature and residual washing detergent is a breeding ground for bacterial build up. A hot wash using a descaler or a traditional cleaning method using bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar with a hot wash cycle should resolve that issue quickly.

Troubleshooting everyday issues

Many of the minor troubleshooting issues that arise are ones that require minimal intervention from the appliance owner that will resolve the issue almost immediately. Blockages of detergent or softener is usually cleared by washing the dispensing drawers or changing to liquid detergent.

The manual that comes with your washing machine will provide a substantial listing of troubleshooting actions, especially when the machine appears to be behaving in a way that is difficult to manage. This includes a machine that doesn’t drain or doesn’t fill properly. Sometimes the machine will not spin, or the lights start flashing and the machine shuts down. There are often even easy to resolve issues when a machine has no power coming into it. There are even frustrating moments when it feels like a machine simply goes on washing for hours on end.

Repair Aid – Independent Indesit Appliance Repair Company

As an independent Indesit repairer, we are not contracted to or by Indesit, but nevertheless have vast experience servicing their machines. Repair Aid engineers are highly qualified, and we maintain a training programme that keeps them up to date with the latest technologies as Indesit develops their machines further. When repairing your machine, we only use genuine spare parts and we guarantee both the labour and the parts for one year after the repair has been undertaken.

Repair Aid engineers are locally based across London and we offer same or next day repairs services because we have a wide engineer base. Perhaps what makes us the repair engineers of choice is the fact that we do not charge a callout fee or ask our customers to pay for our parking costs. You pay for the parts and the diagnostic/labour and a one year guarantee is part of the package.

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