Why Is My Washing Machine Not Filling With Water

There are a number of possible causes for your washing machine not filling with water, some are easy to fix while others are complex and will require the repair services of a Repair Aid expert.

Washing machines can be affected by a variety of different faults and in this post, we’ll discuss a slightly more unusual one. Your washer might spin perfectly well but if it won’t take water your clothes won’t actually end up being washed.

Not Filling With Water

This problem is very annoying because it can take a while to spot, after all, if you see your washing machine spinning you’re naturally going to assume it’s working, aren’t you? So, when you then open the washer and find the load of clothes you put in are still dry, you’re going to be a little annoyed.

There are a number of possible causes for this problem, some are simple and easy to fix while others are much more complex and will likely require a technician. If you have a more modern washing machine you might also get an error code on your display, so be sure to check the manual because your machine may identify the problem for you. Please do not take any action unless you are confident you can do it safely and legally, it’s always better to call a professionsl Repair Aid engineer than go it alone.

But if you have an older model of washing machine or no error code is being displayed then don’t worry you may still be able to fix the problem. Below we’ll take a look at the possible reasons for your washing machine to not fill up with water and explain how you can fix them.

Do You Hear Humming?

A common warning sign of this problem is a washing machine making a gentle humming noise, it might be difficult to hear at first but the pitch will be different from the general hum of a washer taking in water. If your appliance won’t take water in and you hear this humming then it usually means there is a problem with the taps at the back of your machine.

The gentle humming means that your washing machine’s taps are trying to take water in but can’t, so first things first you should check the taps. Pull out your appliance, turn off the taps and then disconnect the hose.

Once this is done check the taps to see what the flow of water is like, if you get a good steady flow of water then the problem could be the hose. If the taps don’t release any water and the hose looks fine then read on from the “tap troubles” section below to find out more about the possible problem.

Kinked or Damaged Hose

If you’re lucky then your washing machine not filling with water could all be caused by a simple kink in your hose. This is a much more common issue than many people realise and is thankfully easy to fix, simply unkink the hose.

If it’s a problem that happens often then you might want to think about pulling your appliance out a little to give the hose more space. If your hose is damaged in some way then this could also prevent it from taking in water, if you do have a damaged hose then your best option is to get a replacement one if possible.

Tap Troubles

If your hose isn’t kinked or damaged but water is still not coming through then the problem could be with the pumping taps. The pumping taps can sometimes get clogged with dirt preventing a flow of water through the hose, this is a more common issue with the hot water tap.

To solve this problem, you’ll have to turn the taps off to clean them, if the hot tap is blocked you’ll have to drain the hot water tank first. You can do this by disconnecting the hose and turning the tap on till the tank is drained.

The levers on the taps can also sometimes be damaged so even if they look like they’re on they might actually still be turned off. So be sure to test the levers to see if water is released, if it isn’t then you might be able to turn the taps on with a pair of pliers.

Water Valves

If you are getting a flow of water through your hose but your washer is still not filling with water then the problem could be with your water valve. If you’re lucky the issue might simply be that the filter needs cleaning, be careful with your water valve filter though because many of them are very fragile.

If you don’t think you can remove the filter to clean it without damaging it then you should get a Repair Aid washing machine engineer in instead. If the water valve filter is clean then the issue could be due to the valves connectivity, this can be tested but if you don’t have a lot of experience with domestic appliances or electronics it’s best to call in a professionsl washing machine repair technician.

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