Indesit Tumble Dryer Repairs in London

Indesit, arguably one of the most influential white goods manufacturers in Europe has risen and fallen only to rise again. Entry level tumble dryers make up a substantial part of their target market and so their exposure to manufacturing risk has been high.

Despite having to research and develop some better safety solutions after it was discovered that their machines were above average in fire hazard statistics, Indesit continue to be a popular brand. Having been bought by the American company Whirlpool, additional investment in product development has meant that the company has grown exponentially.

Indesit Tumble dryers remain the appliance of choice for many European households and have a visibility in the UK market.


Tumble dryers may seem to be pretty straightforward machines. The thing is, as they have developed over the years, new technology has changed how they work. In the world of home appliances not all tumble dryers are made equal. There is a now a diversity in tumble dryer types that means that engineers need to understand several technologies to be able to repair any dryer.

Power issues

When a person complains that their tumble dryer has no power the knee jerk reaction is to tell them to check if it is switched on at the plug. That however is only the beginning. Indesit tumble dryers are wired with plugs that are fused with a 13 amp fuse. The problem may be as simple as replacing a fuse. Always ensure that the replacement fuse meets the correct fuse rating.

Extension leads can also cause problems. If you are having difficulty when using an extension lead, try a different one. Using a surge protected and/or fused lead will also ensure better electrical safety for your machine. The trouble shooter in your user manual will cover most of the power supply related problems that you will be able to resolve before having to call an engineer.

Efficiency Loss

Efficiency loss with tumble dryers becomes noticeable when clothes take longer to dry or don’t dry properly. Before rushing to call your local engineer try a few checks first. The venting hose may be blocked off crushed. It is easy to forget to check the lint filter. A full lint filter can really slow down the efficiency of your machine and eventually lead to the spread of lint elsewhere that can cause a mechanical breakdown.

Emptying the water container regularly will ensure that the dryer isn’t having to cope with an overflow or excess water issue and always remember not to overfill the dryer. The fewer items in the drum, the faster it will the dry the contents. If it hasn’t been overfilled the dryer should perform according to the manufacturers guidelines.

In the same way that it is easy to forget to check power related issues, perhaps you may not have noticed that the heat switch on the machine has been moved to a different setting. This can happen while cleaning the home or curious toddlers find a button that looks interesting.

Machine functionality

Be sure that what seems like a fault is not the normal way in which the machine functions. On some Indesit dryers the dial will not turn during the programme, but is monitored rather by the progress of lights on the panel. This also applies to the crease care programme which is easily mistaken for a machine continuing beyond its programmed cycle.

Occasionally some fluff may get into your condenser. Your user manual will show you how to pull the condenser out – it is usually located at the bottom of your machine. By cleaning the condenser from time to time, you may discover that you trouble shoot several other problems at the same time.

Repair Aid – Independent Indesit Appliance Repairs

Typical complaints that tumble dryer service and repair engineers hear regularly are ones that involve the drum not turning, the latch not working or water related problems. Either the machine is not taking water into the water container, or there are leaks.

Our tumble dryer service and repair engineers are familiar with the machine and can often identify the problem with a visual inspection. By factoring in the symptoms and inspecting the visual evidence our qualified engineers will be able to resolve the problem quickly, getting your household back into its daily routine.

Because all Repair Aid engineers must maintain a record of ongoing training and professional development, they are exceptionally well equipped to deal with your appliance breakdown problem. With no hidden charges such as call out fees or parking charges, we offer a same day or next day service that few can match.

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