My Tumble Dryer Will Not Start

Isn’t a tumble dryer a great appliance to have? Whether you have a lot of people in your household or simply have a lot of clothes a tumble dryer can be an incredibly beneficial appliance that can save you a lot of time and effort.

Sure, they might not be the most energy-efficient machines but when it comes to saving time few appliances can rival a tumble dryer. They are especially valuable for people who live in wet and rainy places as well because sometimes hanging your clothes out to dry just isn’t possible.

So, when your tumble dryer just stops working it can be incredibly annoying and in some cases a serious setback. After all what if you need clothes for work or even more importantly a night out and your dryer stops working! So, let’s take a look at what could be causing the problem shall we?

Tumble Dryer Will Not Start

The Door Switch

Yes, the door is a common suspect when it comes to a number of different appliances and a tumble dryer is no different. So, if your dryer doesn’t work examine the door closely. You need to see if the door switch is damaged in some way because a defective door switch will prevent your tumble dryer from starting.

For some models of dryer, you might need to take off the door panel to examine the switch, if you’re not confident you can do this safely then call in a tumble dryer repair expert. You might also want to call in a professional repairman to test the door with a multi-tester as well.

The Drive Motor

Well, the drive motor certainly sounds important, doesn’t it? It’s all there in the name with the drive motor really in gas or electric dryers the drive motor powers the drum, so it’s certainly an important component.

Unfortunately, it’s not immune to suffering problems and if your dryer just suddenly refuses to start then the drive motor could be responsible. You can check the drive motor by taking off the front panel of the dryer but in the majority of cases calling in a professional tumble dryer repair technician to do this for you will be the best option.

One thing to look out for is a slight humming noise as this is an early warning sign that there could be a problem with the drive motor.

The Fuse

Before we take a look at some of the more complex things for you to check out if your tumble dryer stops working and won’t start ask yourself whether you’ve checked the fuse. Yes, it might not be common but the fuse in the plug socket can sometimes just fail without warning, and we don’t often think about checking them do we. So, make sure you try switching fuses because you just never know.

The Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse certainly sounds like an important component doesn’t it? The thermal fuse could be in a different location depending on the model of dryer, so if you do want to check it your first move should be to look in your instruction manual.

The thermal fuse is a safety device that is designed to ensure your dryer doesn’t overheat, some models might just have one while other more advanced models might have several. If you notice your tumble dryer is still very hot long after you’ve done your last load, then it could be a sign something is wrong with the fuse.

Testing the fuse can be done with a multi-meter but unless you are an experienced tumble dryer repair engineer or have an in-depth knowledge of how dryer’s work you should call in a professional repairman to check the fuse for you.

The Timer

The timer is another common suspect when it comes to problems with appliances and a dryer is no different. In a tumble dryer the time controls the motor and if the timer doesn’t work correctly it will usually stop your dryer from powering on.

If you have a more advanced tumble dryer then you might also see an error code on the timer display, if you do check this out in your instructions manual to see if it lists a possible cause. But whether you have an error code or not your best option will be to call in a professional repairman to handle any tests or repairs for you.

So, that’s a look at some of the most common reasons your tumble dryer could be refusing to start. The best thing to do is to stay calm and try not to panic it might seem hopeless but in the majority of cases, especially with a professional tumble dryer repair technician assisting you your dryer will be fixable.

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