Tumble Dryer Will Not Tumble

Tumble dryers are very useful appliances and can help a lot of people especially people with big families or households. And then there’s always people who live in those colder wet places, without a tumble dryer drying your clothes can be incredibly difficult.

So, if your tumble dryer won’t tumble you’re not going to get a very effective drying job and it can lead to a lot of other serious issues as well. So, what do you do if your tumble dryer won’t tumble then? Well, first things first you need to identify what is causing the problem.

tumble dryer not spinning

This isn’t always simple in fact, to be honest, it usually never is, but we can help you by showing you what to look out for and check. However, you might not always be able to fix the problem so be prepared to call in an expert tumble dryer repair technician.

Tumble Dryer Belt

A tumble dryer belt is a common fixture in many different models of dryer, the belt is connected to the dryer’s motor and turns the drum in the machine. If the belt is damaged or simply too old, it won’t be able to turn the drum and therefore will effectively stop your dryer from tumbling.

This is a common problem in older models of tumble dryer because the belts can get very brittle over time. If the belt isn’t damaged then you might be able to reapply it, this can be very difficult so don’t worry if you can’t handle it on your own.

The belt needs to be secure but still flexible enough to have adequate grip on the motor, you can find the belt by taking the front panel of the dryer and then by carefully examining it. Remember your best option is to call in a professional tumble dryer repair engineer to handle this for you as it can be easy to make a small problem worse when it comes to adjusting your tumble dryer’s belt.

The Door Switch

Your door is a common culprit if your dryer suddenly stops tumbling, so how do you go about checking the door? Well the area you need to examine is the door switch, the switch is located behind the doors front panel and you can examine it to see if it’s damaged in some way.

If you have the knowledge and experience, then you can also use a multi-tester to see if there are any connectivity issues with the dryer’s electrics. However, in the majority of cases, it will be the best option to call in an experienced tumble dryer repair technician to do the testing for you.

The Drum

The dryer’s drum should be one of the things you check first it’s very unlikely but sometimes sharp implements or debris that have accidentally been put in the dryer can cause the drum to get damaged of stuck. This will sometimes stop your dryer from tumbling correctly, thankfully a quick examination of the dryer’s drum will let you know whether you need to call in a repairman.

The Drive Motor

Some models of tumbler dryer like gas and electric powered models feature motors that turn the dryer’s drum. If the motor is damaged or defective in some way, then this can cause your tumble dryer to stop tumbling. Thankfully in the majority of cases, you’ll be able to spot this problem early because there’s an early warning sign to watch out for.

So, what do you need to look out for? A small humming noise is usually a sign that there are problems with the dryer’s electrics. But even if there is no humming you should still check out the motor because humming doesn’t always occur.

To get access to the motor you’ll need to take off the front panel but to carry out some tests you’ll need a multi-meter. For issues with the drive motor, it will usually always be the best option to call in a professional repairman. It is common for a live voltage test to be carried out for issues with drive motors and these should only be carried out by a professional, experienced repairman.

So, that’s a look at all the common causes for your tumble dryer to stop tumbling, yes this might not seem like the most serious problem, but it can cause a knock-on effect that can significantly affect the performance of your tumble dryer.

So, if your tumble dryer stops tumbling then call in a professional tumble dryer repair expert as soon as you can that way you can ensure that it’s properly handled, and you can get back to drying your clothes safely.

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