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Indesit have been manufacturing electric ovens ever since our grandparents can remember. This Italian manufacturer is a household name because it gained a reputation of steadfast reliability and affordability from generations gone by. From the days of manufacturing only standalone cookers, Indesit has grown and developed their range to the point that their integrated and built in ovens have become the brand of choice for many kitchen designers and homeowners alike. Having made several improvements over the years, Indesit ovens really do now stand out from the crowd. Excellent examples of changes and redesign include improved repositioning of the internal oven light, enhancing visibility and making it so much easier to see when you need to.

Additionally, increased oven space means that there is more space to arrange and move dishes around and to cook for larger groups of people. Indesit have very thoughtfully also increased the size of the drip tray meaning there is less to clean up afterwards too.

By introducing more convenient cleaning, the Indesit electric oven range have become ever more popular with the development of their click and clean technology. Finally ensuring that there is a 95% cooking coverage in the oven, the is no risk of uneven cooking or browning and the full surface grill means no undercooked, partially cooked or undercooked food.


Every appliance will eventually reach its threshold and start acting up. When this happens has a lot more to do with use and environment than it has to do with the actual manufacture of the item. Electric ovens should be well fitted and situated according to the manufacturers guidelines.

The first problem to raise its head is most probably going to be one where food is not cooking properly. When food only cooks partially or even worse cooks unevenly there are two possible scenarios that will need to be investigated. They both involve whether there is a fan malfunction. Most ovens will have one of two types of fan and some will have both. The first is a circulation fan which is defined by its name. This fan circulates the air in the oven ensuring that the heat is evenly distributed and thus food is well cooked all over. The second is a cooling fan, usually found in slightly higher end ovens, Cooling the food, preventing overcooking and making it manageable for handling once it has been removed from the oven. Replacement is inexpensive, but may need a qualified oven repair engineer, especially if your home insurance small print dictates this.

Oven door problems create a multitude of problems for homemakers. Ask any regular oven user and a door that wont open or closes while moving food is a top annoyance. Doors can become stiff, this often has to do with wear and tear in the hinges. It is possible to extend the life of your oven door hinges by clearing grease and other residue that builds up on a regular basis. Other things to avoid is resting heavy dishes on the door, as the hinges are not designed to take this weight. When the oven door becomes stiff and the hinges are clean, it is a sign that replacement is due. Hinge replacement should be considered a maintenance exercise rather than a repair and will help to ensure that the oven seals properly during cooking. While this is a repair that many over homeowners can do on their own, you may prefer to call a qualified oven repair engineer, especially if you need help sourcing the parts.

The third most common problem to occur with electric ovens is when the food takes much longer to cook than expected. If the food doesn’t cook at all then you can be sure it is one of two possible problems. The first possible issue is the heating element failure. Heating elements can become worn and damaged from constant use. This is therefore also a wear and tear issue and should not be confused with poor manufacturing quality. Heating elements that heat but do not do so adequately are in the process of failure and are best replaced as soon as possible. The second possibility is that the thermostat has failed. Both failures require an engineer with the requisite electrical qualifications to do the job.

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When arranging a service or repair call, remember that all our engineers are extensively trained. They are provided with additional professional development training in both brand and model specific areas. This means that the engineer that calls will be completely familiar with your Indesit electric oven. You also get what you pay for, with no call out charges and no hidden extras such as parking fees. Furthermore, you can rely on Repair Aid speedy same day or next day service.

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