How to Clean Your Air Fryer

The air fryer is a quick and easy way to fry your favourite foods. However, like any kitchen apparatus, you need to clean the air fryer to make sure it stays in the best possible condition.

As cleaning an air fryer can be a tricky challenge, there are a handful of tips and tricks that we have put together which we think will help you in this process. Repair Aid has quite a bit of experience in working with air fryers, so you can be sure that these tips and tricks are going to help.

Clean the Air Fryer Immediately

One of the best and easiest ways to clean an air fryer is to do it as soon as possible. If you wait to clean the air fryer, you will regret it. If bits of food dry up and get stuck to the interior of the fryer, they will be a lot harder to get rid of.

If you clean before this has a chance to happen, then you will have a much easier time.

Use Warm Water and Soap

use warm water and soap

Cleaning the removable components of an air fryer is not difficult, just detach them from the electrical pieces, and use warm water with soap in order to effectively clean. If any of the food is stuck, put the non-electrical components into soak for a bit.

Use Precise Cleaning Tools

To get some of the best results, you need precise cleaning. This isn’t as difficult as you’d think. Even something as basic as a toothpick can be useful for getting the small bits of dirt and food that build up.

Clean the Inside With a Cloth

damp cloth

Clean the inside of the air fryer with a cloth. Remember to be precise and sensible, because you may be working with electrical components. Just take your time, try not to expose anything electrical to water, and if you accidentally do, dry it straight away.

Wipe Down the Air Fryer

The final part of the process is just as simple as wiping down the air fryer exterior with a damp cloth, and then you are free to let it dry off naturally before you use it again.

Try not to use abrasive chemicals, especially with nonstick after hours, because you can damage them, but otherwise, cleaning is a straightforward task.

Final Thoughts

Thankfully, it’s not at all difficult to clean the air fryer. The process is very simple, and it’s something you can do in 10 minutes if you are careful.

You need to make sure that you treat the device with great care, and unplug it well before you start taking it apart to clean. Ultimately, if you accidentally expose anything electrical to water, dry it out properly and then wait 24 hours before using it again, so it has adequate time to air out.

However, if you’re careful, this won’t be an issue that you’ll have, and you can just get back to using the air fryer the next day with no problems.

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