Indesit Hob Repairs in London

Indesit manufacture four different types of cooker hob. Ceramic, gas, induction and electric. While ceramic and induction do also make use of electricity, the principles upon which they work are quite different from the straightforward electric hob. Currently induction hobs are becoming the favourite choice for new kitchens. While standalone electric cookers still have their place in different parts of society induction hobs have brought a whole lot of new technology to the kitchen.

Induction hobs heat quickly an efficiently and speed up the cooking process exponentially. Something every homemaker wants after a long day at work. The single greatest drawcard for them however is how they heat. Because the surface remains cool to the touch this method of cooking is exceptionally safe with small children in the home. Using magnetic fields to heat and cook food quickly, the Indesit flagship model the Aria VID 641 BC is a market leader.

Indesit have developed their induction hob to feature a dual zone. This means that two areas can be combined to accommodate extremely large cooking vessels. With an added boost function this also means that meat can be seared really quickly, or crunchy fries can be made really easily. Of course, they have thought about just about everything from child locks and the essential cooking timer to heating level control and the latest in push button technology.


Hobs, both ceramic and induction present a number of challenges that re not faced by those using standard electric cooking. The single greatest challenge is the possibility that you may need to replace your cookware once you’ve had a new hob installed. Induction hobs cannot be used with copper, glass, earthenware or ceramic cooking utensils. Aluminium and non-magnetic stainless steel also fall into this group. A really good way to check if the pot or pan that you are using is suitable for an induction hob is to place a fridge magnet against its bottom surface. It the magnet sticks, the utensil is good. If it doesn’t, don’t use it.

Additionally, the pot should match as closely as possible the diameter of the cooking or heating zone to enable maximum efficiency and benefit from the appliance.

If the zones on the hob don’t heat up after the cooking vessel has been placed on the hob, then double check the suitability of the pot or pan. This should always be the first port of call for an induction hob.

Sometimes when the power to a particular zone is increased the power to another area of the hob will decrease. This is perfectly normal as the energy is distributed across the hob and concentrated on where it is needed most. You should nevertheless be able to use all the zones, if you discover that you can only use one zone at a time, it would be prudent to call your reliable same day service engineer.

Induction hobs can draw a lot of power especially when consistently used for longer periods of time. In some homes, particularly older ones the kitchen circuit may not be able to cope with the hob as well as multiple other appliances operating at the same time. You will realise that this is a problem when the trip switch on your main board starts to do the tango.  As a rule, the hob should not cause a problem when it is operating on its own. During high use periods such as large family functions and the festive season, it is possible that a homemaker will find themselves multitasking with the washing machine, tumble drier, fridge and freezer as well as the hob all in use at the same time. Add to this the intermittent use of a kettle and a microwave and even the most robust of kitchen wiring is likely to take the strain. If your electrics are tripping when you use the hob, check which other appliances are in use when it happens. If the hob is working solo, it will be time to call in a suitably qualified electrical appliance engineer.

Independent Indesit Repair Service

Induction cooking is a relatively new technology and it is likely that there are still repair engineers out there that have never worked on one. Repair Aid engineers have received additional training in both technology and brand specific products to ensure that you have a competent specialist working on your appliances. With our investment in their ongoing training and education our engineers remain up to date with the latest technology from all the brands that we service. Our same day call out is just that because with easy access to spares repairs can be completed expediently. No hidden cost will suddenly appear on the invoice as we do not charge for parking fees or a call out charge.

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