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Indesit possibly the most reputable entry and median level appliance manufacturer is well known for the reliability and versatility of their dishwashing appliances. The Italian manufacturer has made their mark across Europe, the Middle East and Africa becoming a household name renowned for their robust machinery and exceptional after sales service. Their approach to the design and manufacture of affordable white goods has resulted in a successful business model that has produced one of the most successful European large appliance producers.

A subsidiary of Whirlpool, the Italian brand still operates under its own identity and maintains the reputation it brought with it. While Indesit manufactures dishwashers that meet the needs of the average household, those looking for high end dishwashers would be seeking a machine way beyond the price range of the average Indesit customer. In other words, the machines meet the needs of their target client base and more.

Faults and Troubleshooting

Dishwashers can be as cantankerous as other appliances when small things go wrong. In fact, quite often the small things become big things. Being able to identify the smaller problems when they occur will help to prevent larger issues from developing. Appliance repairs do not need to be expensive, particularly if extensive damage can be prevented by troubleshooting the problems at origin. Indesit produce excellent product manuals that are despatched with new machines. In fact, their manuals are available online.

The two core problems that dishwashers present are usually related to either filling the machine or draining it. There are others that arise, such as the dishes not coming out clean or marks being left on glassware. These issues are on the whole directly related to the two core problems. Of course, there are other problems such as leaks. Leaks usually occur because of a seal failure and are rarely environmental in the same way they often are with a washing machine.

Tell-tale smells

Dishwashers can also develop that tell-tale smell that drives the homemaker to desperation in trying to resolve the issue. Before trying to take your dishwasher apart like a tinker toy, there are few possibilities that you can investigate. Sometimes pipes and drains become blocked. It is very easy for food residue to get caught in the bowels of the drainage system. When this happens, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Quite often a few empty hot washes using a dishwasher cleaner and descaler will resolve the problem.

Failure to drain can be caused by pipes that changed position or collapsed at the rear of the machine. Checking these possibilities can go a long way to avoiding the expense of calling out an engineer.

Door latch failure

One of the single most infuriating issues that will arise with a dishwasher that is in daily use, is door latch failure. The dishwasher will not work if the door does not close securely. This could be because a rogue piece of loose food has become caught in the latch. Simply cleaning it out will save the wait for a repair. Unfortunately, door latches cannot be repaired. You will need to call an engineer out to replace it.

Cleaning efficiency

There are many things that you can do to ensure that your dishwasher continues to work efficiently. If you are suddenly having problems with cleaning efficiency, check that you are loading it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Checking the rinse aid reservoir may resolve the problem. It is easy to forget about it, because it doesn’t have to be done every time you do a wash. In the same way that the rinse aid should be topped up, don’t forget about the salt. The salt helps the water softening process and should be checked and topped up at least once a month. Paying an engineer to top your salt would be a rather expensive exercise!

Repair Aid – independent Indesit appliance repairs

If you have followed the troubleshooting guide provided by Indesit and still cannot resolve the issue that you are dealing with, then it is time to call an engineer. It is important that when you call an engineer that they are qualified to deal with your make and model of machine. Repair Aid engineers are comprehensively trained and receive up to date continuous professional development training.

Every time a manufacturer releases a new model onto the market, our engineers are trained in line with new developments and the technology involved. This means that regardless of the age or the model of your machine, our capable staff can manage the problem.

With no call out charges or parking fees for the client, we are the repair service of choice across Greater London.

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