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Indesit fridge freezers have become the turn to brand when most median income consumers are looking at appliance replacement for their home. This is because the brand quality vs price ratio is very hard to beat. Indesit is believed to be amongst the best value for money brands out there, while still maintaining a reputation of quality.

The really pleasing aspect when shopping for an Indesit fridge freezer is that they have something for everyone. The brand provides for the entry level customer and has something to offer everyone right up to the discerning customer where money is no object. As the cost of the appliance ranges increase so do the available features, including options such as colour and finish. Perfect for any kitchen redesign.

Indesit remains a competitive brand and while keeping up with the breakthroughs and technology development of their competitors they have come up with a few nifty ideas of their own.

Apart from the usual offering of standalone, compact and table top appliances Indesit have developed some interesting internal design alternatives, with freezer drawers that can tip 90% making it easier to access the contents in a compact built kitchen. Indesit freezers have been developed for flexibility with the open space design, so that its easier to freeze larger items, such as the enormous Christmas turkey.

With both low frost and low cooling noise, the only time you really notice you have these appliances in your home is when you need to use them.


Fridge freezers are arguably the first home appliance any new homeowner will purchase. Life as we know it simply cannot go on without food refrigeration. It is important to develop an understanding of what is normal appliance behaviour and what it is not.

Noise is a really good example. Fridge freezers will always generate some noise. New fridge freezers will generate a little more noise than expected while settling down and establishing within the environment. As they work up to the temperature settings the internal workings of these appliances will have to work harder than when they are maintaining temperatures, frost levels and humidity. If you have recently purchased a new fridge freezer, give it some settling in time before you decide that something may wrong. This rationale applies if there are no other obvious problems with the appliance.

You can expect to hear some noise from the motor, in fact this will reassure you that the fridge freezer is actually working. Some noise also comes from circulation within the gas pipes. If any pipes from the fridge have contact with the wall, you will hear vibrating sounds. This is not normal and should be checked by your local reliable appliance engineer. Cracking sounds become apparent when the fridge has been recently installed has to do with temperature build up and when the appliance is running as normal it is part of the automatic defrost mechanism.

Build-up of water within the appliance is another very common concern. This usually happens because the is a blocked gutter on the internal walls of the fridge or there are items that are touching the back wall of the fridge compartment. Both issues take seconds to fix.

There are several door related issues that may also cause problems. If a door is not closing properly it could be because the shelves in the door are not fitting properly, preventing the door from sealing. It is also rarely possible that the shelves inside the fridge section are protruding and need to be readjusted into their place. Related temperature regulations problems will immediately go away.

Independent Indesit Service and Repair

Always remember that a brand new appliance will be under warranty. Many new appliance owners forget to register their appliance purchase with the manufacturer and then several months down the line, when they need to prove date of purchase struggle to do so. Our service and repair engineers can fix any Indesit fridge freezer of any age. Repair Aid engineers are both brand specific and model specific trained and undergo extensive ongoing professional training.

If you have explored the troubleshooting section of your owner’s manual and still cannot identify the problem, a quick call to our service desk will help us to identify the problem and send a qualified engineer out to you. With no call out charges or secondary costs such as parking fees, together with same day or next day on site repairs and servicing we have become the repair service of choice in all greater London localities.

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