How To Clean A Tumble Dryer

A tumble dryer is a humble home appliance in many ways it chugs away while drying your clothes and when you get used to the hum it will almost seem like it isn’t even on. However, one common issue many people have with tumble dryers is that they can become a little smelly.

This is understandably a problem for a number of reasons with the biggest issue being that a smelly tumble dryer is likely not something you will notice right away. But the longer you leave the problem the more difficult it will be to actually fix.

Which brings us nicely to the point of this blog, how do you clean a tumble dryer? That might seem like a stupid question at first but when you really consider it it’s not overly clear how to best approach cleaning a tumble dryer is it?

You can’t just wash the exterior down and expect to suddenly solve the problems you’re having, can you? Of course not but the good news is once you know what you’re doing cleaning a tumble dryer is actually quite simple and straightforward. So, without further ado let’s look at how to clean a tumble dryer in more detail.

The Lint Filter

The first area you should focus on when it comes to cleaning a tumble dryer is the lint filter. Try to get into the routine of cleaning this daily, don’t worry that might sound like a hassle but cleaning the lint filter is actually quite easy.

Plus, if you clean it daily they’ll be no risk of a mess building up and it will help prevent the tumble dryer from smelling. Once the appliance is cool find the lint filter on the tumble dryer in most cases it will be inside the rim of the door. Although some models have it placed at the front of the dryer behind a removal panel.

Once you have access gently remove any lint this can be done by hand but you will have better results by using a soft brush. If you have removed most of the lint you can close the filter but if you are having trouble getting it all use you hoover to carefully go over the filter.

The Drum

clean the tumble dryer drum

Cleaning the lint filter is a great first step and something you can easily fit into your day to day general chores. However, if you have a smelly tumble dryer cleaning the filter alone won’t solve the problem you will also need to get the drum cleaned.

This is where the smell will linger longest and it can easily pass on the nasty smell to your clothes as they dry. Thankfully if you follow our advice cleaning the drum is easier than you might think. Mix about a cup of bleach with warm water and use a thick cloth to soak up the mixture.

When this is done use the cloth to start wiping the inside of the drum. After a thorough washing leave the door open to help the tumble dryer dry more quickly. Once this is done use another wet cloth to clean off the excess and again leave the dryer alone to dry.

Once this stage is done you can probably use your dryer again with the risk of nasty odours. However, if you really want to freshen it up drip some white vinegar on to a thick towel and place it inside the dryer on a short cycle to help get rid of any lingering smells. If you do this every so often maybe once every three to four months you can help ensure your dryer always stays clean.

Stains and Scuffs

The final tip we need to look at is how to clean the sticky stains and scuffs. These will be less frequent but can still happen and will often be the result of pocket waste going through the dryer or the drum getting repeatedly banged by something during a cycle.

Even something small like a metal zip on a jacket or coat can cause some significant scuff marks to develop over time. Thankfully scuffs are quite easy to rub out in most cases especially if you use a Magic Eraser. If you don’t have one handy then you can mix baking powder and water into a fine paste to rub onto the scuff.

It might be a little messy and take some elbow grease but it will usually get scuff marks out. Sticky stains, on the other hand, can be a little trickier especially if they have spread. The best way to clean up these stains is to rub them gently with a cloth soaked in warm olive oil.

Once this is done gently scrape them off with another cloth if you’re lucky they should come off with very little resistance. Once all this is done remember to give your dryer a thorough clean with some all-purpose cleaning spray and give it time to dry before wiping it out once more with a wet cloth.

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