Bosch Washing Machine Repairs

Bosch Free-standing Washing Machine

Bosch Free-standing Washing Machines

Regardless of the brand of washing machine, the older it gets the more likely that something is going to wear or breakdown. Although machines are sold with warranties often these are limited and may at times only cover the parts, not the labour or the call out charges to implement the repair.

Washing machines are arguably the most common home appliance to require a repair. They tend to take a lot more heavy use than a dishwasher and in some homes, are even used several times a day. Bosch has designed their washing machines so that although they are typically freestanding, they are sized perfectly to be fitted into any kitchen design and integrate with kitchen cabinets.

There are essentially two kinds of problems with a washing machine. The first type of problem can usually be resolved without having to move the machine. Bosch’s washing machines can be accessed through a front panel that provides access to the pump and impeller and enables inspection for other possible problems. Issues that affect the inside of the drum and the door seal as well as the catches can all be addressed with the machine in situ. Freestanding machines can be turned over onto their sides and access from underneath to replace items such as the pump, the sump, hoses and other parts that are located inside the machine.

If you need to repair your Bosch freestanding washing machine, our customer service is there for you, please call Repair Aid on 020 7183 6944.

Bosch Built-in Washing Machines

Bosch Built-in Washing Machine

Although the freestanding dishwashers manufactured by Bosh can be integrated into a kitchen rebuild, Bosch also manufacture a fully integrated washers specifically designed for this purpose. Repairs to a built in washing machine are more complex than a freestanding machine. Therefore, many repair companies won’t tackle them. Although the units can be removed to repair them, it is lot more practical to repair them in place. If you need an integrated Bosch washing machine repair, please call our service team on 020 7183 6944.

Built in machines have their internal parts arranged slightly differently to enable technicians easier access when having to work through the sides and bottom of an integral kitchen unit. There are times when the machine may have to be removed, but one of our experienced and brand accredited technicians should be able to resolve most problems without you having to witness your kitchen being dismantled.

It is always best to check the experience and background of the engineer that has come to repair your built-in Bosch appliances as you do not want to find yourself paying for a kitchen construction repair too. Please contact Repair Aid to discuss your repair requirements.

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