Bosch Electric Oven Repairs

Bosch built-in oven

Bosch Built-In Oven Repair

Over the last two decades electric ovens have become the norm. The modern built in oven is the dream of our grandmothers. Electric, self-cleaning and with technology not even dreamt of a few short years ago. There was a time when electric ovens were first manufactured that an electrician could repair them when something went wrong. Of course, times have changed, and everything has become specialised. Ovens are no exception. Not only are they now electrical, but they have electronic components and have become intelligent too.

With home connect technology developed by Bosch built-in ovens now have computing capability too. This means that there are variety of things that can go wrong that require a technology knowledge base that extends well beyond that required of an electrician.

Our Bosch electric oven repair technicians are trained not only in terms of current technology but in respect of brand specific innovation. Their technical and professional development is kept up to date to ensure that we can provide top quality service to our clients regardless of the age of the appliance that requires repair and maintenance.

Bosch Compact Oven Repair

Bosch Compact Oven

Bosch are world leaders in the innovation of compact built-in ovens which now boast even more innovative technology than the standard built in ovens in their own range. With compact ovens you won’t need to worry about a microwave oven on your countertop. The Bosch compact oven range offer built in microwave and steam technology too. Because these are smart appliances they also use modern technology to make life easier for you. You can turn the oven before you get home, either for the contents to start cooking or just to preheat the oven. Wi-Fi technology just made life so much easier.

Our Bosch qualified engineers are not only able to identify when there’s an electrical problem that has arisen, but also where new technology could be experiencing a glitch. This could be anything from microwave failure to Wi-Fi connectivity issues. There is also a risk that what seems to be a basic problem, could be caused by a problem with an internal electronic board. Bosch compact ovens now use intelligent systems to provide PerfectBake™ and PerfectRoast™ settings all controlled by a sensor, all this together with perfected hot air distribution. Indeed, the perfect oven has been invented because now it cleans itself too! The only fly in the ointment is that when it plays up, you will need an expert to identify the problem quickly so that you can have the complete benefit of your space age tech back where it should be – in your kitchen. Our service engineers are fully trained and specialise in all models of electric oven repairs. We offer a same and next day service at no extra change and one year guarantee too.

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