Bosch Cooker Hood Repairs

Most but not all cooking appliance manufacturers also manufacture cooer hoods. The can be installed above either freestanding cookers or hob units. Some cooker hoods are designed for specific hobs or cookers and it is always to speak to the manufacturer before installing separate combinations.

Domino ventilation

Bosch’s Domino ventilation technology is available in two separate units. One available as part of the induction hob and the other as the extraction hood above the hob. What has set the Bosch appliances aside is the remarkable quiet when their units are on. The other feature has been the high quality of extraction. It is then reasonable to assume that when there is unusual noise or the noise level increases substantially that the unit has developed a fault and will need a service and repair engineer to take a look. The ability of the Domino hood to remove unpleasant odours has provided it with a reputation that is hard to beat. When despite changing filters, the ventilation from the hood is not work efficiently it is time to call a technician to identify and resolve the problem.


Bosch’s ceiling hoods are installed in the ceiling of the kitchen where they are used. These really hi tech devices are similar to the domino hoods and will also operate at a reduced noise level and eliminate odours quickly. In situations where removing odour becomes particularly urgent these appliances can be placed in a high speed mode that will result in them clearing the odour quickly for six minutes before returning to their normal functioning speed. Theses speed setting can go awry, and a good Bosch technician will be able to repair them quickly.


Island cooker hood installations are specifically designed for hobs that are installed in a Kitchen island. That means they are not against the wall but rather in a central part of the kitchen. These Bosch hoods act as a downward reaching chimney and extract the air above these islands. They operate in a similar way to the other hoods but will also have a concealed vent to allow the extracted air to escape. These cooker hoods should be given immediate attention should they become faulty.


Integrated cooker hoods have been developed to be hidden from obvious view in a Kitchen. The down side of this is that it may take a while before someone notices that something is wrong. Short of the cooker hood, making unusual noise or despite being turned on clean air is not circulating, often a fault is missed until it gets serious. This could be indicated by entire electrical circuits tripping at the main board. When this happens your trained Bosch engineer will be in a position to identify the fault and repair it.


Telescopic units are also designed to be hidden and present with the same repair issues as the integrated hood. This can be pulled down and the front of the hood pulled out increasing the filtration space and thus increasing the amount of air that can be circulated. Over and above the usual electrical and filtration faults these can experience structural and cosmetic faults that will need an engineer that is experienced in the design of these units to repair or replace any parts,


Bosch canopy hoods offer design freedom as they completely integrated into the kitchen when it is built. Design freedom comes with a price, and thus some disassembly may need to take place when these units need to be repaired. Obviously, a good repairman will be able to do this without too much disruption to your kitchen. It is also important to remember that when a major repair must be undertaken we guarantee all work and parts for a full year.

Built Under Cooker hoods

Built under cooker hoods are mounted under your kitchen cupboards providing more cupboard and storage space for your kitchen, they are also easy to disassemble and provide almost no disruption should they need to be removed completely for the repair process. While they suffer the same issues as other cooker hoods, they are quick to repair, and your trained and qualified repairman can advise you  which parts may be needed.

All our repair engineers and technicians enjoy an exceptional level of training. Apart from the qualifications they will have received before entering our workplace, all our staff is placed on a mandatory intensive training programme which is brand specific. This enables out staff to provide the exact service and parts as recommended by the manufacturers. With ongoing in-house professional development you’d be hard put to find a similar service and repair company for your appliances with the training and experience levels that we provide.

Worried about too much steam in your kitchen? Find a solution to your problem and book your cooker hood repair with one of our expert engineers.

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