Why Does Your Washing Machine Motor Burn Out

A typical washing machine motor is built to last the lifespan of the whole unit. However, there are factors that can speed up the time it takes for the motor to burn out, which will leave you needing a replacement. To avoid having to go through multiple motors during the lifespan of one washing machine, you need to know what causes the problem.

We’ll be taking a look at the common reasons why a washing machine motor will burn out. We’d also like to mention that Repair Aid can handle any issue when it comes to maintaining and replacing parts of a washing machine.

Dirt Build-up

The build-up of dirt in your machine is one of the most common reasons why you’ll run into issues with it. Put bluntly, you’re going to need to clean out this dirt from time to time if you want your motor to remain in good condition.

It can definitely be important to shift the dirt, as it builds up in the circuitry and causes problems. You should clean the dirt out once or twice every few months to prevent an issue.

Worn-Down Bearings

If the bearings on your washing machine are worn down, then they will put a considerable weight on the motor, and thus burn it out faster. Any of the bearings in your device can cause an issue, so it is important to acknowledge this and correct the problem. Given that you can’t repair a motor, it is a very costly issue to leave unattended.

Overloading the Machine

overloading of the machine

Unfortunately, one of the most common problems that a washing machine motor will suffer from is an overloading of the machine. Every washing machine has a set capacity with regards to weight. When you exceed that weight because the washing is carrying too much water, or you simply just put too much washing in, the machine struggles to cope with the increased pressure.

Because the pressure is increased, the motor has to work harder. Consequently, the motor will burn out faster, which means that you will need to replace it. This is a fairly easy problem to circumvent, because you just have to stop overloading the machine. If the washing machine sounds like it’s struggling, pause the program briefly to take a little bit of washing out. It should make a massive difference.

Final Thoughts

The washing machine motor is a powerful piece of technology that enables the entire washing machine to dry your clothing for you. However, it can be overloaded and damaged, which would require it to be replaced.

Basic washing machine maintenance is important, because otherwise you aren’t necessarily looking after your device. A washer dryer combo is especially important when it comes to maintenance. If you want to make sure that you get access to the best results, then you need to focus on making sure that you take care of the motor that your washing machine has.

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