Bosch’s CrystalDry Dishwasher Technology

Bosch is a popular manufacturer when it comes to many different household appliances. However, when it comes to dishwashers Bosch has been able to corner a strong section of the market.

But before we examine this latest innovation let’s take a brief look at Bosch themselves. Bosch was founded by Robert Bosch in 1886. While it is likely most well-known for its consumer goods and home appliance Bosch is actually a prevalent engineering and technology company.

They highlight their business as having four main areas of focus. These are mobility hardware and software, consumer goods, industrial technology and finally energy and building technology. So, Bosch is certainly a company with a lot more expertise and experience than many people would likely first think.

The consumer goods section of Bosch is actually not its primary source of revenue either. However, it is still one of the main cores of its business and is the second-largest category out of the four previously mentioned areas. The Bosch brand also encompasses many smaller brand names as well.

These include popular manufacturers like Dremel, Siemens and the German kitchen manufacturer NEFF GmbH among many others. So, many households use Bosch appliance of one form or another although they might not always have the Bosch logo on them directly. Bosch is also quite the global presence as well as it operates in over 60 countries.

This doesn’t count any of the regional subsidiaries under it either. Bosch has been able to compete with other leading manufacturers in household/ consumer appliances because they place a strong emphasis on upgrading their technology.

This can be seen in many areas from more common everyday essential appliances to more luxury appliances like dishwashers. So, now that you know a bit more about Bosch let’s take a closer look at their dishwashers and go more in-depth by looking at their new CrystalDry technology.

Bosch Dishwashers

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While dishwashers are still classed as a luxury appliance by the majority of people they are growing more popular. Many people simply don’t enjoy washing up and a dishwasher is really the only product available that can do the job for you.

Yes, they are unlikely to rival the essential products most of us really need to live our lives as normal like fridges, cookers, and freezers but they are still quite popular. And despite being a luxury appliance dishwashers are available to suit a variety of budgets these days.

When they were introduced most dishwashers were quite expensive and now they can actually be found with a more budget-friendly price tag. So, how does Bosch fit in, what do they offer when it comes to dishwashers?

Bosch like many manufacturers these days offers quite the expansive range of dishwashers. Some are more basic but cheaper while others are more luxurious and expensive. Here at Repair Aid, we have been repairing Bosch dishwashers for our customers since 2013. However, Bosch has been able to build an impressive reputation for themselves when it comes to dishwashers due to many of their models (both cheap and expensive) being very quiet.

The noise level when it comes to dishwashers is one of the most important attributes. Many dishwashers have the downside of being very noisy but this is an issue Bosch has been able to tackle. But noise control isn’t the only innovation Bosch has been able to provide to their customers.

Bosch Dishwashers – Latest Innovations

Given their background as a very experienced engineering and technology company it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Bosch places a lot of importance on innovation when it comes to their products. Their range of dishwashers has been able to benefit from this mindset in many ways.

In 2018 Bosch introduced the “Myway Rack” this innovation was designed to save space at the lower chamber of the dishwasher so people could more easily stack pots and pans. The Easy Glide rack was also introduced during this time and can extend so when the dishwasher is fully loaded you can use it to create more space.

In 2019 Bosch announced the AutoAir Dry features as well this as I’ am sure the name tells you is a feature designed to help aid with the drying time after the dishwasher as completed its washing process. One noticeable issue with many dishwashers is that they only do half a job they might wash things thoroughly but they don’t actually dry them.

The AutoAir Dry feature looks to combat this problem by opening the dishwasher door slightly after the washing cycle as finished. This might seem like a very small change but it could potentially have a very big impact and will certainly help speed up drying times.

Bosch also announced one other important innovation for 2019 which was that their 800 Series and Benchmark dishwashers would see the addition of CrystalDry technology. I’ve hopefully built up enough suspense by now so let’s get right down to it and look at what CrystalDry technology is all about.

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Let’s Look At CrystalDry Technology

Bosch certainly knows how to capture someone’s attention CrystalDry technology certainly sounds impressive but what does it do? Well, when you get right down to it CrystalDry technology is actually quite simple and like Bosch’s other new feature AutoAir Dry it again looks at speeding up the drying times after a completed washing cycle.

However, the way CrystalDry technology works is somewhat different. CrystalDry technology actually increases the heat in the dishwasher’s tub to 176F. By doing this the dishwasher will effectively start bone-drying dishes, pots, pans, and cutlery without needing to use any more energy.

It’s a more involved process than AutoAir Dry and will likely be more effective when it comes to drying pots. However, CrystalDry technology is exclusive to Bosch’s more high-end, luxury dishwashers so if you want to take advantage of it you will need to buy a more expensive dishwasher.

So, now you know what CrystalDry technology is all about how did Bosch come up with the idea? Well, the technology was actually already being used by Thermador in the United States. But Thermador is Bosch’s sister company so in many ways you could consider it Bosch under a different name.

But does CrystalDry technology live up to the hype? Well, the good news is the technology has been shown to speed up drying time significantly. In fact, many experts have found it to offer the best drying time in dishwashers which don’t feature a heating element.

Dishwashers that do have a heating element can offer faster drying times but they do come with their own problems. For one thing, heating elements can actually cause dishwashers to become too hot! This can cause a multitude of problems including the risk of melting and warping.

So, Bosch’s new CrystalDry technology will definitely be a crowd-pleaser! Now that we have taken a more in-depth look at this new innovative technology we should close out our look at Bosch’s dishwasher by examining their range of appliances.

The Bosch Dishwasher Range

Like I mentioned earlier Bosch offers a wide range of different dishwashers to suit all kinds of budgets. Below, I have listed the main attributes of each dishwasher series currently on offer from Bosch, so you can get a general idea of what each range offers.

Bosch 100 Series

This is the introductory range currently available from Bosch. They feature mainly plastic components and lack many of the more advanced functions/ innovations we’ve looked at. But they are quite budget-friendly and still run very quietly.

Bosch 300 Series

These are slightly more expensive than the 100 series but still quite budget-friendly. They are primarily made of steel and feature adjustable racks for extra versatility. They are also slightly quieter than the 100 series.

Bosch 500 Series

There is a noticeable jump in price when we look at the 500 series of dishwashers although they are likely still quite affordable to many. The 500 series is also a more feature-packed range and they have extendable larger racks so you can more easily fit larger items. The earlier mentioned Easy Glide racks are also in place and you get an increased drying performance. They also have some exclusive settings like AutoAir Dry as well.

Bosch 800 Series

This is Bosch’s flagship range of products with most being quite high in price. They feature a more intuitive modern design and offer very quiet running. Features to look out for include: Easy Glide racks, touch-sensitive controls, increased drying and washing modes and most importantly of all CrystalDry technology is also available with their latest 2019 models.

The Bosch Benchmark Series

Finally, we have the Benchmark series which is home to the most expensive, luxury appliances available from Bosch. These dishwashers feature all the technology of the 800 series along with further enhancements like full-colour text display, extra-space for storage and improved sound insulation.

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