Dishwasher Salt Explained

Generally speaking, a dishwasher is a very powerful resource. However, in the event of the appliance isn’t doing what it is supposed to do, it might be down to the level of dishwasher salt inside the machine. What is dishwasher salt? Well, we’re about to explain.

What we thought we would do is take you through how salt works, and make sure that you understand how it is important for your dishwasher. Repair Aid provides around the clock assistance for any dishwasher or electrical appliance, so if it’s not a case of just topping up the salt, we’ll be able to handle it.

What Is Dishwasher Salt?

What does it do? How is it important? Well, what we are dealing with here is sodium chloride , but a very cautious variation of it. It basically helps to soften up the water because it can be quite tough on dishes sometimes, and it also stops the softener unit of the dishwasher from getting clogged.

sodium chloride

Your typical modern dishwasher will have an indicator system that will remind you when it is time to put more salt in. However, if it doesn’t, there will be what is called a float indicator located in the drawer. However, if you’re not entirely sure how to check either of these methods, just fill up the salt meter once a month.

You can actually find common appliance salt in most supermarkets. That makes it a great resource to reach for, just remember it needs to be specifically dishwasher salt.

You can’t just use regular salt, because this can actually damage the piping and clog up the machine.

What Does It Do?

Dishwasher salt is really important because it stops limescale from building up in the filter of the appliance. This means that the cleanliness of your plates will be affected, because dishes that are exposed to large amounts of limescale can become very gritty and not clean.

Do I Need It?

Every kind of dishwasher will need salt eventually, without fail. This is because the limescale element of the dishwasher will inevitably build up.

However, how much salt you need will vary massively depending on situations. It largely depends on where you are geographically and the content of the water that you use. Harder water will result in limescale faster.

Final Thoughts

Dishwasher salt is definitely something you may need, because it has a wide selection of benefits that you would be sensible to think about. As a component in your dishwasher, it’s pretty vital. The number of times you will need to add any kind of salt will vary according to the area you live in, the quality of your machine, and the type of water that is used to clean dishes. However, refilling it is inevitable and mandatory, so it’s important to keep that in mind. You will have to refill the salt eventually, so it’s worth getting into the habit of doing it regularly.

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