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Innovations when it comes to household appliances can be almost like hidden gems in some respects. Unlike the latest smartphone or games console the home appliance industry can seem a little understated.

In a way, this makes sense most people will be more interested in a feature-packed phone or games console than they would a dishwasher or hoover. But these appliances are important and in many cases, a necessity to many of us and innovations are still incredibly an essential part of part of the industry.

Dishwashers have always occupied an odd place in the market they aren’t strictly essential household appliances like a washing machine or cooker. But they are becoming more and more popular and most people who have switched to one wouldn’t go back.

But while there are different ways dishwashers can work they do follow similar setups in most cases. However, the US commercial and consumer appliance manufacturer Frigidaire might have changed all that with their latest flagship model.

The latest Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher known as model FGID2466QF has some interesting advancements and innovations. Could it be a sign of things to come when it comes to dishwasher manufacturer? Well let’s take a more in-depth look at Frigidaire’s latest model to find out, shall we?

Frigidaire FGID2466QF

Twice The Fun?

So, what are the new innovations of the latest Frigidaire Gallery? Well, the biggest is the addition of a second OrbitClean Wheel. If you aren’t well-versed in dishwasher components then I’ll explain what the OrbitClean Wheel does.

Many dishwashers use spray arms to clean the dishes, pots, pans and other things put in them. The OrbitClean Wheel is a type of spray arm and it’s lined with jets to help wash things more efficiently. The wheel part of the spray arm actually sits at one end and spins to more effectively spray water around the dishwasher.

By adding an additional OrbitClean Wheel to their latest dishwasher Frigidaire has made a more powerful and effective dishwasher. One wheel is at the bottom of the dishwasher while the other is placed at the top to help ensure there are no dry spots.

One common issue with some dishwashers is that certain areas are more difficult to wash than others. Manufacturers have struggled with this problem for some time and Frigidaire’s latest innovation looks like it could have made some important steps towards solving it.

With both the top and bottom of the dishwasher covered with OrbitClean Wheel’s things should be cleaned much more effectively. The addition of a second wheel isn’t the only innovation though the OrbitClean Wheel’s themselves have also undergone some important changes.

The wheels have undergone a redesign to help them propel water with a greater level of intensity. Water itself won’t do much unless enough force is used to actually remove stains, food waste, and dirt. Thankfully Frigidaire seems to have understood this when carrying out their redesign work.

Aside from the OrbitClean Wheel’s this new model also features an improved drying performance. Frigidaire has created this by using a heating element at the bottom of the dishwasher and utilised a fan at the top to help blow air around the appliance. In theory, this should help all the pots, pans, and other cutlery dry more effectively.

The heating element will allow hot air to naturally rise throughout the appliance but it is effectively counterbalanced by the fan which blows cooler (room temperature) air down into the dishwasher. This also helps direct water in the air towards the condensation chamber as well.

Frigidaire calls this feature the “MaxBoost Dry” which certainly sounds impressive doesn’t it? When combined with the improved OrbitClean Wheel designs and the addition of another wheel altogether this new dishwasher does show how household appliances can be improved with new innovations and technology.

If you have always been on the fence about buying a dishwasher then you might not be immediately persuaded by Frigidaire’s latest improvements. However, if you have been considering a dishwasher for some time then Frigidaire could certainly be a great choice. Not to mention if you want to upgrade it would seem to make a fine choice.

With a quiet running level of 49 decibels and short more efficient cycles, thanks to the extra OrbitClean Wheel Frigidaire’s latest innovations this new dishwasher could prove to be very popular. It will also be interesting to see how this technology could be used in the future by Frigidaire and if other manufacturers will rise to the challenge and adopt similar designs in the future for their own dishwashers.

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