Why Isn’t the Dishwasher Tablet Dissolving

There are quite a few reasons why a dishwasher tablet might not dissolve properly. When it comes to dishwasher tablets, it’s important to recognise that they are vital to the cleaning process, but if they don’t fully dissolve, then they’re not being useful.

We are going to take a look at why the dishwasher tablet might not dissolve, how you can resolve the problem, and we will also take this opportunity to remind you that if it isn’t a dishwasher tablet problem, then Repair Aid is more than capable of helping you figure out what the problem is.

Blocked Tablet Tray

tablet tray

The first reason why you might be experiencing problems with the dishwasher tablet is that the tray is blocked. How your dishwasher tablet works is that at a certain point during the wash cycle, the tray is opened automatically, releasing the detergent into the dishwasher. However, if for whatever reason that area is blocked, and that hatch doesn’t open, your tablet won’t be used.

Broken Spray Arms

Spray Arms

The spray arm in your dishwasher is vital for maintaining the water distribution. If this apparatus is damaged, then you may find that the dishwasher tablet does not dissolve as needed. You should take a look for obvious signs of damage, because you will be able to spot them, but generally speaking, you will just need to replace the spray arms if they are too old and worn out.

Poor Water Pressure

poor water pressure

Without adequate water pressure, it can be very common for parts of the cycle to be skipped or ignored. This is a real irritation when it happens, and obviously you will want to take steps to correct it. Poor water pressure can just be one of the reasons why you may not be able to get your dishwasher tablet to dissolve every time.

Lower Water Temperature

lower water temperature

A lower water temperature can be a massive headache to try and deal with, which is why you need to make sure you keep an eye on it. If the water isn’t hot enough, the tablet will not fully dissolve, so make sure that you do take the time to check the temperature. There could be a problem with the heating element, but that’s really an issue that a professional will be able to diagnose and repair for you.

Final Thoughts

So, ultimately, it is all about checking over your dishwasher to ensure that it continues to work to some effective degree. You’ll want to make sure that you focus on getting the best results, and while this can be tricky, it is also worth it in the long run. After all, the dishwasher tablet is a pretty vital component of the whole thing, so if it isn’t dissolved quickly, then you might have an issue on your hands which is difficult to resolve.

When in doubt, consult with a professional to solve any issues surrounding pressure or broken components outside of the spray arms. To speak to one of our experts please call our helpline on 020 7183 6944.

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