Wooden Utensils And Dishwashers – Bad Idea

Standard kitchen utensils are made up of three different options generally. You’ve got plastic, metal, and wooden materials. Each different type has strengths and weaknesses, which is why a typical kitchen has a combination of different tools. After all, having the right tool for the job is very important, and knowing how to take care of said tools will guarantee a longer lifespan.

The majority of kitchen utensils can be washed in a dishwasher. However, it would not be wise to introduce wooden tools into the dishwasher, for reasons that we are going to explain now. In the event that your dishwasher develops a problem, Repair Aid is ready to provide same-day assistance for you.

Wood + Dishwasher = Problem

Wooden utensils inside a dishwasher could seem like a sensible option at first, but it’s not a good idea. Wood is an organic material, and like any organic material, it suffers when exposed to extreme conditions for a long time. So, for example, a wooden utensil that is constantly battered by hot water and soap may become damaged.

The combination of your dishwasher detergent and the hot water will attack the wood, stripping away all of the oils that give it its long life, and then causing damage to it in the form of cracks. If you want to extend the lifespan of a wooden kitchen utensil, then it is not a good idea to use a dishwasher at all, instead you should hand wash this type of tool.

Proper Wooden Utensil Care

warm water and sponge

Looking after wooden utensils doesn’t have to be a challenging exercise. In fact, it can be surprisingly simple to look after these types of things on a regular basis. The only condition as such is that you’ll be needing to do it for yourself.

All that you’ll need to do is to get some warm water, and a sponge, and be prepared to scrub a bit. You don’t need to let them soak as such, which is nice – but you do need to be prepared to clean them properly and give them a proper drying off when you’re done. It’ll help a lot in the long-term.

A recommended tactic for maintaining the overall longevity of your wooden utensils is to use a food-safe oil on the item. Basically, this means that the world is protected, as well as getting a nice colouration. Picking the right oil is obviously essential.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of wooden utensils isn’t particularly challenging, it just requires you to think about what you’re doing a bit. Whatever you do, do not put wooden utensils into the dishwasher, because this will result in a problem. Instead, you should take the time to clean them by hand, because this makes sure that they remain in good condition and have a longer life. Putting them in the dishwasher is a very fast pathway to having unusable items within just a few washes.

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