Creative Ways To Hide A Washing Machine

Every home needs a washing machine, doesn’t it? Well if not everyone home I think it’s fair to say the vast majority do. Once you have your washing machine you’ll need to install it or set it up, won’t you? Now, this is where things get a little more delicate.

You see many people simply don’t like washing machines from a purely aesthetic point of view anyway. Everyone loves them for cleaning clothes but they don’t always want to see it out in the open in full view. If you are reading this and think “well that’s just silly” then you could actually be in the minority.

Whether you agree with it or not a lot of people would prefer to keep their washing machine out of sight. So, for the people who do hold that belief what can you really do about it? While there has been an increased effort by manufacturers to make washing machines more visually pleasing from a design point of view there really is only so much that can really be accomplished.

But there are quite a few creative ways you can hide your washing machine away. It might take a little prep work and creative thinking but you might be surprised by what you can accomplish. So, without further ado let’s look at some creative ways to hide your washing machine.

Built-In/ Integrated Washing Machines

One of the most effective ways to hide your washing machine is to opt for an integrated model. This type of washing machine is designed to be tucked away and covered to give your kitchen a more uniform look.

Integrated washing machines are designed to be smaller and more compact which is good for hiding them away. But does come with the downside of a smaller drum so you won’t be able to wash as much as you could with your average freestanding model.

They are usually one of the quieter models though which is helped even more because of the door covering it. However, they will usually be one of the more expensive options but if you want a quick and effective way to hide your washing machine they could be the most suitable choice.

Vertical Cupboards

One of the best ways to hide something usually quite large and bulky like a washing machine is to use a vertical cupboard. Many kitchens will already have these fitted and they can be a great way to hide your washing machine away.

Best of all, this type of creative hideaway will usually offer you more space so it can be utilised for different types of washing machines, not just integrated models. However, if you don’t have a big enough cupboard to house your washing machine you will likely need to modify your kitchen to get one installed which will likely be costly.

Create A Laundry Room

Since the vast majority of homes have their washing machine in their kitchen and we are talking about hiding it then it makes sense that one of the best ways to hide a washer is to move it out of the kitchen! Yes, but where should you move it to?

Well, a laundry room is going to be the ideal place if you can create one. If you have a spacious spare room or basement space then you could set-up a laundry room quite easily. It could even house your dryer as well if you have space. This won’t be an option for everyone but it can be done especially with more versatile models of washing machines.

Pay No Attention To The Curtains

To paraphrase the Wizard of Oz most people will pay no attention to curtains which means they are a simple and usually cost-effective way to hide your washing machine from view. If your washing machine is built into a kitchen counter then putting up a small curtain rail and covering it should be quite simple and straight forward. Best of all, you can even use the curtains as an extra decorative touch for your kitchen as well.

Sliding Doors

If you don’t like the look of curtains then why not try sliding doors? While they might be a little more complicated to set-up and are likely going to be more expensive they will probably look more stylish. And since you want to hide your washing machine style is probably quite important and sliding doors certainly do look very nice.

They can be set up just like curtains around the counter space for your washing machine would be and once done they will give you a great way to hide your washing machine away. Sliding doors will act in a similar manner to hiding an integrated washing machine behind a door but they are going to be a little more versatile which means you can utilise them with other types of washing machines.

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