High-efficiency vs Traditional Washers

When it comes to doing laundry, many people will say that a functional machine that can hold and clean a given amount or weight of clothes is okay. They think that all one is supposed to be concerned about is that weight specification and the compartments that the machine has.

There is more to a good machine than meets the eye, and efficiency is one significant factor that people should consider when buying washing machines. A high-efficiency machine is the in-thing nowadays, and you should get one to enjoy the numerous benefits it offers.

What’s In A High-Efficiency Washing Machine?

HE symbolA washing machine should meet some specific specifications for it to be considered as a High-Efficiency machine. The criterion is by its water, detergent and electricity usage. The usage should be less than what you are used to when using the usual washers.

To check whether a machine is HE, simply find a sticker with an HE symbol. It’s probably at the top or on the face of the machine.

Top vs Front Loading

There are HE machines for both top and front loading. What has changed is the mechanism where for the front-loading, the harsher agitation has been replaced by gentle tumbling rotating action. Top loaders, on the other hand, has a shorter agitation now, which replaces the long rotations.

The High-Efficiency Detergent Use

High-Efficiency Detergent

For the reason that these machines use less water, you will need to use HE detergent to enable the cycles to work as they are meant to.

These modern washers are also energy compliant, and they have a sticker indicating so. They already meet the set energy guidelines.

Added Benefits Of High-Efficiency Washers

When you buy one of these machines, you will enjoy other benefits in addition to efficient use of power, water and detergent, and some of them are as indicated below.

  • Spin Dryer – The machines have high-speed spin functionality that removes most water from the load after rinsing. Hence it shortens the drying time.
  • Larger load capacities –It helps you to wash your clothes faster because you will be able to do them in larger batches.

How To Use The Machine

The usage of these High-Efficiency machines is just the same as using your usual washing machine. The difference is only that the functionality of the machine is more efficient. Otherwise, the connection to your power source and the operation will be still the same.

The only difference can be in the different models of machines that have specific buttons. You, however, should read the manuals of the machines well. They have the exact guidelines of how you are supposed to set speeds, cycles and switch from the wash, rinse and spin dryer positions.

The machine requires extra care than your usual machine. Even though its completely automatic to stop the timer when a cycle is over, sometimes a spin dryer cover may slip, and it has to be fit back to prevent spoilage.

These High-Efficiency machines may cost slightly more than your basic washing machine. With the added benefits, however, you need to get one and experience the benefits of power saving, less detergent and you will have also taken part in taking care of the environment.

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