Laundry Tips For Jeans – Keep Your Denim Looking Its Best

I am going to make a bet that almost everyone has at least one pair of jeans, let’s face it whatever your interest in fashion is you’re sure to have some jeans in your wardrobe, aren’t you? It might have been a staple of 1960’s fashion but jeans are still worn today and might even be more popular nowadays!

But dealing with your jeans in the laundry is something many people can easily get wrong, you don’t want to risk your jeans shrinking or the colour running, do you? But you can easily do just that and even worse so make sure you read on to find out how to safely wash and iron your jeans and other denim clothes.

Jeans, denim jackets and much more are usually specially dyed to get the classic denim look! Sure, there are now a lot of variants to these designs but they all follow very similar principles when it comes to their creation.

And if you want to ensure they always stay looking their best then extra-care will be needed when it comes to laundry time. Don’t worry if you can’t follow these tips to the letter every time we understand that sometimes you need to speed things up a little.

But try to follow our tips as much as possible because that way you can ensure your jeans and other denim clothes always stay looking their best. Denim clothes can last for a very long time when they’re cared for and as we’ve already seen they certainly stay in fashion. So, without further ado let’s take a look at our laundry tips for keeping your jeans looking their best.

Iron Jeans While They’re Damp

Let’s start off with a slightly more unorthodox tip, shall we? This might sound strange but if you iron jeans while they’re still damp you will have a much easier time ironing out wrinkles. Denim is a very tough and hardy material and while this certainly has its benefits it does make ironing out wrinkles tough.

So, if you can iron any denim clothing while it’s still a little damp that way you’ll find the whole process much quicker and easier. Now of course if smooth denim is out of fashion then you can just iron it once it’s dry but until that happens this tip will help make a difficult job much easier.

Don’t Rely On A Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers are certainly handy appliance they make washing clothes a much easier and quicker job. Denim is a thick material and due to its thickness, it can take a long time to dry so you’d think a tumble dryer would be great for drying your jeans or denim jacket, wouldn’t you?

Well while it’s certainly true that a denim jacket or pair of jeans will dry a lot more quickly in a tumble dryer it’s also true that a dryer can damage them. Due to the heat, they give off a tumble dryer can easily damage the fibres in the denim or cause discoloration to clothing.

So, if you can avoid using a tumble dryer it’s advisable that you do just that and instead hang your denim clothes outside or on a clothes maiden instead. However, if you need your denim to dry quickly and have no other option use your dryer but make sure it’s on a gentler setting.

Wash Your New Jeans On Their Own

Everyone loves a pair of new jeans, don’t they? Whether you like the traditional straight cut, a stylish pair of skinny jeans, the balance offered by slim-fit jeans or like to show off your boots with some boot-cut jeans you should always make sure that your new jeans are washed separately.

This might sound like a real hassle but don’t worry this is just for their very first wash, later on, you can feel free to bunch them with other clothes during a wash cycle. But by washing them on their own for their first wash you can ensure the jeans keep their colour and prevent any dye from spreading to other clothes.

Avoid Spot Cleaning Denim

Spot cleaning is sometimes a great way to freshen up clothes or even quickly clean then if you spill something. I mean if you only make a slight stain on your shirt and can wash it off using some water and soap do you really want to have to send it through another wash cycle?

But while spot washing is very useful you shouldn’t use it on denim clothing because it will usually lead to fading. So, unless that’s a look you’re going for you should avoid spot cleaning when possible.

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