How Long Should A Washing Machine Cycle Take

When it comes to washing in a hurry you really are at the mercy of your washing machine’s quick wash. But unless it’s an absolute emergency then many people will stick with their standard wash cycles but why do they seem to take so long?

I mean the average cycle can take around 2 hours to complete does it really have to take that long? Well in many cases yes it does unless you opt for a shorter quick wash cycle, however the time it takes your washer can be manipulated in certain models.

Two main components combine to make up your wash cycle’s time and that is the amount of water used and the energy used. Now if you use more water in your wash cycle it will, of course, mean your washing machine uses more energy as well.

However, while this will mean a greater cost to you it will also speed up the washing time. Many washing machines will allow you to increase and decrease the amount of water/ energy used during a wash so if you really want to speed up a cycle it can be done.

Inspect your washing machine’s manual to learn how you can do this with your machine but be warned the energy costs can be steep. There will also be limits to just how much you can manipulate and alter the washing time in this manner as well.

Due to EU regulations, all washing machines have to have at least an A energy rating (there are even higher A+ and A++ ratings as well) so for energy efficiency, there will only be so much you can speed up your washing machine up by using more water and energy.

So, due to the complexities and limitations, this method is not one you should really rely on. In a pinch or desperate situation it might be worth considering but remember to take your energy bills into consideration. So, that leaves you with one other main alternative namely the quick wash.

A Look At The Quick Wash – Is It Too Good To Be True?

Quick Wash

As I mentioned earlier your quick wash cycle is going to usually be your first port of call when you need something washing quickly. But the problem with quick wash cycles is that they are not very good!

That might sound harsh but it’s hardly an unpopular opinion, forums are usually full of people complaining about how bad their washer’s quick wash cycle is. But are we really being fair? Probably not although manufacturers themselves haven’t done themselves any favours by labelling it a quick wash cycle either.

So, let’s get down to it why are quick wash cycles a bit of a let-down? Quick washes sacrifice performance and quality for speed now, of course, that is all there in the name it is a quick wash after all. But few people realise just how ineffective they can be because of this.

Let’s say you spill a glass a coke on your jumper if you put the garment in your washing machine under a quick wash the stain isn’t likely to come out, not in one cycle anyway. Stubborn stains like mud, chocolate, grass, and oil are unlikely to even be faded.

So, don’t expect great results from a quick wash cycle. Now that’s not to say quick washes don’t have their uses (they’re on your washing machine for a reason after all) but many people incorrectly think they work the same as a normal wash cycle just faster.

Quick washes are perfect for clothes that have been left hanging in wardrobes or in cupboards for years and taken on a nasty or unpleasant smell. They can also be used to handle very light stains in some cases as well.

Adding to the confusion is that quick washes aren’t regulated so manufacturers can make up wild stories to convince people to try them. But trust me there is no quick wash cycle yet available that can match the average 90 minutes to 2-hour cycle when it comes to performance.

Now if you’ve used your quick wash and thought the end results looked good then, unfortunately, the bad smells still stuck in the clothes were likely just masked by fragrances. So, in short, don’t swap out your main washes for a quick wash because you will not enjoy the end results.

Playing The Waiting Game

Unfortunately, for now, your best bet is to stick to the suggested times on your machine, no one enjoys waiting for a load of washing to finish its cycle but those longer times do come with better results.

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