Bleach Clothes And Make White Clothes Remain White

People have a strong attachment to their white attire. It could be a suit, T-shirts, dresses or a pair of trousers. They would want their pieces to maintain that pureness in colour, but with the daily activities and the biological reactions of our bodies, it’s always hard to maintain the whiteness for long.

Bleaching, however, simplifies the situation and makes washing easier, and the clothes can stay white longer. You should also do the following to ensure that you don’t get a hard time in trying to maintain the colour of the clothes.

Don’t Exceed Two Wears Without Washing

Some people will claim that because their clothes aren’t dirty, they then don’t have to wash them. Our clothes attract minute particles of soil from our bodies that are hard to see with your naked eye. The soils stick on the clothes through perspiration, and with time if you don’t wash the clothes, the soils will turn that garment brownish or yellow.

The best way to deal with this situation is to wash the clothes after one or two wears at most. In that case, you will be sure to remove the soils before they build up and start showing, which will be after they have messed up your clothes.

Reacting Sooner To Stains

When you spill foods and liquids on your garment, that will be easy to deal with because you should use clean water instantly to prevent the sticking of the stain, and hence easier washing later on. The problem comes in with the building-up of sweat that you will only realise when you see its effect.

When it happens though, because it will happen at some point, you will need to use liquid enzyme detergent in that affected area. Rub it well and then allow it to dry for about 15 minutes. After that, you can put it in the machine for washing.

Coloured And White Clothes Don’t Go Together

Separate your clothes based on colour before you put them in the machine. This prevents your whites from taking the colour of your other clothes whose colour might be running. You may also be using dye grabbing garment in the machine to attracts dyes on your white clothes, and this will spoil the colouring of other clothes if you put them in together.

Go For A Detergent With Bleach and Use It Accordingly

Such a detergent will make your white clothes white, and you can also use bluing agent. The blue pigment is better than a yellow one on your white shirt. Still, in the use of the detergent, it only works well when being used in the right quantities. When you underuse or overuse it, it will leave stains on your garments. Is your washing machine not cleaning clothes properly? You can find out more about this issue on our blog post – Why is my washing machine ruining my clothes.

Avoid Overloading The Washing Machine

Some people are tempted to fill the machine with loads of clothes. You may want to finish your laundry faster, but in the process, you will be messing your machine. After some time, it will give up and break down. The machine won’t be able to clean your clothes thoroughly too, given that they can’t spin freely when overloaded. If you experience problems with your washer, you may need a qualified appliance repair engineer. Here at Repair Aid we specialise in a wide range of domestic appliance repairs – from washing machines and tumble dryers to fridges and cookers. For more information about arranging a washing machine repair please call our customer support team on 020 7183 6944.

Every time you do your laundry, ensure that you have the right equipment and quality detergent to use. It is also paramount to read the labels and tags on the clothes during the cleaning process.  It will advise you on how to go about with the washing of specific labels and fabrics.

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