The Permanent-Press Cycle – What Is It and What Does it Do

The majority of washing machines will feature a permanent-press cycle, this cycle is very useful but not many people know about it. So, how does the permanent-press cycle work and what does it do? Well let’s take a closer look and find out, shall we?

The permanent-press cycle symbol is easy to spot, it looks like a cup of water with a single line under it. The gentle wash cycle will look the same but it will have two lines underneath it instead.

The permanent-press cycle can be very helpful and it can be used with a wide variety of different manmade materials. So, everyone who owns a washing machine should know about it.

Manmade materials otherwise known as synthetics include things like polyester, latex, nylon, acrylics, spandex and much more. Synthetic materials are very commonplace nowadays so the permanent-press cycle will be sure to come in handy.

The permanent-press cycle does more than just wash synthetic clothes it will press them during the wash, this will give them a smoother finish during the wash cycle. Synthetic clothes will crease and wrinkle during regular washes and while you can iron them out it’s not always a simple matter, so a permanent-press wash is the best way to ensure they stay looking good.

However, while the permanent-press wash does certainly have its benefits you need to know how to use it properly. For one thing, you can’t overload the washing machine with synthetic clothing because it will affect the permanent-press washing cycle. You will also need to use medium to high levels of water as well.

Finally, heavy and lightweight clothes shouldn’t be mixed in the wash cycle, this means you won’t simply be able to load groups of clothes in together anymore during a wash. While this might be annoying and require some extra organisation on your part it will ensure your synthetic clothes last much longer and get more thoroughly cleaned.

Yes, you do have to follow more specific guidelines when it comes to carrying out the permanent-press washing cycle but in the end, it is worth it. Certain clothes might also be marked with the permanent-press symbol so if you’re unsure whether to wash something under a permanent-press cycle just check the laundry label.

Let’s take about the main benefits of a permanent-press wash so you can see exactly how it can help you. There are three main ways a permanent-press wash can benefit you, they provide more gentle washes, they remove discoloration and prevent wrinkling.

Gentle Washes

One of the main reasons synthetic fabrics are so popular with people is because they are very resistant to wrinkles. However over time, this ability can start to fade if synthetic clothes are put through too many standard washing cycles, a permanent-press wash will sidestep this problem.

The permanent-press wash provides a gentler washing cycle with less agitation than a normal, standard washing cycle which makes it perfect for synthetic clothing. Increasing the longevity of your clothing is a huge benefit and with a permanent-press wash that’s exactly what you’ll do.

Removing Discolouration

Synthetic materials might have an edge when it comes to wrinkle-resistance and general durability but they do have an annoying tendency to absorb stains. This might not seem too bad at first, after all, most materials will absorb stains but with synthetic materials getting the stain out can be very difficult.

That’s why discoloration can be such a difficult issue to overcome, this problem can also be made worse when you try a standard wash cycle. Because synthetic materials can become yellowed or further discoloured if they’re washed at the wrong temperature or if too much detergent is used.

A permanent-press cycle wash will solve this problem for you, if you have a hot temperature selected (50 – 60°C will usually be enough) and then put the clothes through a separate cooldown rinse with some water conditioner it can remove the discoloration entirely. Seeing some of your favourite clothes get discoloured is never a good experience but they can be saved thanks to the permanent-press cycle.

It Can Even Prevent Wrinkling

Synthetic materials might be wrinkle resistant but that’s not the same as saying they are wrinkle proof because they aren’t. In fact, if they’re put through a regular wash cycle they can easily develop more wrinkles, this can be fixed with a good ironing but if it happens too much it will become much more difficult to get rid of the wrinkles.

A permanent-press cycle wash solves this problem by activating its cooling process before a spin cycle even begins. In regular wash cycles, synthetic materials aren’t given enough time to cool before the spin cycle which causes wrinkles, but with a permanent-press wash, you’ll be able to better ensure the smoothness of your clothes.

We hope that you find this article informative and interesting. If you have any queries or if your washing machine has developed a fault during it’s cycle, please call Repair Aid washing machine experts and let them help you.

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