Important Things You Need To Know If You Always Use The Quick Wash

The quick wash cycle is one of the most commonly used cycles on washing machines because it’s fast. It’s in the name after all isn’t it? But just because it fast that doesn’t mean it’s always the best setting to use.

In fact, there has been a lot of reports and complaints from people about their washing machine’s quick wash cycles when it comes to their performance. But despite this quick washes are still popular and when you use them correctly they can be very effective.

But many people incorrectly utilise their washing machine’s quick wash cycle because they misunderstand what it actually is. So, let’s look at the important things you need to know about the quick wash cycle in more detail.

You Shouldn’t Always Use It

The quick wash cycle might be handy in a pinch or when you simply don’t have much time available but the most important thing to know about the quick wash cycle is that you shouldn’t always use it. You see while the quick wash cycle might be handy it should only be used for certain clothes and for certain stains.

If you get a bloody nose and mess up your shirt then a quick wash isn’t going to get it clean I’ am afraid. The quick wash cycle should only be used for light stains and soiling, if your shirt smells a bit musty or has some light stains then a quick wash will do the job. But for more stubborn stains and bulky clothing, a quick wash simply won’t do the job.

The Temperature Is Important

Your washing machine will likely have pre-set temperature for it wash cycles including the quick wash cycle. However, for many washing machines, you can alter the temperature settings and this could become very important if you want to utilise the quick wash cycle to its full effectiveness.

Killing germs and other nasty things like dust mites should be done at 60°C at a minimum which is hotter than most quick wash cycles standard setting. Things like towels and bedding should always be washed at higher settings to ensure they are fully clean as well and it’s usually not recommended to use a quick wash cycle for these kinds of things.  Here we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to wash your bedding.

Use The Right Amount of Detergent

Overloading your washing machine with detergent will not make your quick wash cycle more effective. But it doesn’t quite work that they, unfortunately, in fact putting too much detergent in your washing machine is likely to just cause more problems. Read on to learn more about why you should never overload your washing machine.

With quick washes you should actually use less detergent, about half the regular amount should be enough. This will help ensure the washing comes out free of soap suds and that it comes out properly clean. Because the quick wash as a shorter rinse than usual wash cycles ensuring there is the right amount of detergent is very important.

It Does Save Energy

One of the most common reasons to use the quick wash cycle is because it saves you energy, a washing machine on continuous cycles will drive up your electricity bills by a surprising amount. So, if you want to save money on your energy bills using the quick wash cycle is one of the most effective ways to do it.

The quick wash cycle is also one of the most eco-friendly wash cycles available as well, so if you want to protect the environment it’s also a good option. The average quick wash cycle uses less than 30% water and it will be less stressful on your washing machine as well.

My Conclusion On The Quick Wash

So, now you know some important things about the quick wash cycle what are my final thoughts on it? Let’s look at the positives first, the quick wash certainly does have its uses it’s without a doubt the fastest way to wash your clothes and can deal with light stains and musty smells easily.

It’s also very eco-friendly and will save you money on your energy bills, however, while all these things are great benefits the quick wash cycle just isn’t going to be suitable for everything. Thick, bulky clothes can’t be washed efficiently using a quick wash cycle and neither will clothes with moderate to stubborn stains.

The negative reception the quick wash cycle as gained is unfortunate because when it’s used correctly it’s a very effective way to get your clothes cleaned quickly. Many people just incorrectly think it works the same way as a normal wash cycle does. But thanks to our helpful article you now know all the important things you need to know about the quick wash cycle.

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