How To Stop Too Much Foam In The Washing Machine

Too much foam in the washing machine can be a great inconvenience. For example, the foam may start to seep out of the dispenser drawer or completely fill up the door glass. However, what’s worse is that too much foam in the washing machine can actually prevent a good wash, as the foam provides a buffer layer between clothes. Clothes need to be able to rub together to remove stains, and when there is too much foam, there is no friction.

So, how can you ensure a good clean for your clothes while preventing too much foam in the machine?

What Causes Too Much Foam In Your Washing Machine?

excessive foam in washing machine

1. Too much detergent

Many people are quick to blame the washing machine when soapsuds start to seep out of the machine. However, more often than not, it is because there is too much detergent in the machine. Make sure to follow the right amount of detergent as recommended by the makers of the detergent.

You should take into account the hardness of the water in your area as well as the level of soiling for the clothes you need washing. For example, a muddy football kit will need more detergent than barely stained t-shirts and jumpers. However, the detergent manufacturer will make this clear on the packaging.

2. Too little detergent

It may seem counter-intuitive, but too little soap can also cause excess foaming too. This is because detergent contains antifoaming agents and using too little of the product means these anti-foaming agents won’t work, creating more foam.

Again, it is essential to check with the manufacturer of the detergent for the right amount too.

3. Water softener

People who live in hard water areas will often use water softeners in their wash to reduce the build-up of limescale. In some cases, water companies add in a water softener. This means that even if you think you live in a typically hard water area, your water may be softer than you expect. If a water softener is used, then make sure to adjust the amount of detergent you need to suit the softer water.

4. Overloading

Putting too many items in the washing machine will reduce its effectiveness to clean and rinse garments which means it will struggle to reduce soap suds. Overloading can also cause issues with the spin cycle as there is not enough air in the machine for clothes to have space to fall during a spin cycle.

How To Reduce Foam Mid-Wash

pour fabric conditioner into the dispenser draw

If your washing machine starts to foam excessively, then one trick to reduce the foam is to pour fabric conditioner into the dispenser draw just before the next rinse. If you don’t know when the next rinse is, just make sure to only put fabric conditioner in when there is water in the machine. When you pour concentrated fabric conditioner directly on clothes without water, it can cause staining and damage.

For the next wash, follow the tips mentioned above to reduce foam in future. However, if your washing machine still has too much foam, then there may be something wrong with the washer. For example, if you discover excessive foams during the rinse and spin cycle, then there may be a blockage that is preventing the soap suds from being removed.

However, before you call out the experts such as Repair Aid to diagnose and fix the issue, it is worthwhile reading the manufacturer’s guide. Double check which section in the dispenser drawer is the correct side for soap and conditioner. If you place it in the wrong side, then the soap and the foam may only come through during the rinse, and spin cycle which can cause your washing machine to look foamy and will means the items inside will be soapy and unclean when you take them out of the machine.

If you’re still having problems with your washing machine, then call the team at Repair Aid on 020 7183 6944 for free friendly advice.

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