Does Your Bosch Dishwasher Leave Your Utensils Dirty After Washing?

The main reason for buying a dishwasher is to ensure a high standard of hygiene when it comes to cleaning your utensils. Impressively, a dishwasher does your washing with ease and efficiency.

Sadly, this may not always be the case. Instead of washing your dishes, a dishwasher might leave dirt on your utensils when it is faulty. When this happens, it is necessary to carry out a check-up to identify the cause of the problem. It is essential to get someone with the right experience in working with dishwashers to do this.

Our technicians are adept at repairing and servicing Bosch dishwashers as well as other favourite brands. When you are faced with this problem, it is essential to know the specific part that might be faulty. Below are a few hints to keep an eye out for:

Check the Water Inlet Valve

This is an essential valve that allows water to get into the dishwasher from the tap. Therefore, if your inlet valve is clogged, very little water will get into the dishwasher. But, your dishwasher requires sufficient water to run smoothly. Hence, with little water, your dishwasher will not be able to clean properly. The inlet valve is tricky, and you must not try to clean it on your own. Get a Bosch dishwasher repair expert to help you replace the valve. Trying to clean it will most probably result in further blockage. Besides, for a dishwasher to clean properly, the water inlet valve must let in water until it fills. If water is filling half-way, then you need to replace the valve as well.

Bosch Dishwasher Not Cleaning

Clogged Centre Wash Arm

For a super efficient dishwasher, you should make sure the utensils on the upper rack are well cleaned. For this to happen, enough water should flow through the centre wash arm to the top frame. Sometimes you may notice your utensils are still dirty with food particles even after cleaning.

In this case, you need to check whether there are any stuck food particles on the wash arm. If any, then you should go ahead and wash the centre wash arm, and you will notice the change immediately. Sometimes, the wash arm is too clogged that washing may not occur. When this is the case, then it is advisable to replace the centre wash arm. It will ensure your utensils are cleaned appropriately.

Centre wash arm is fitted correctly to the tap nozzle. This ensures there is no water wastage if the two are not eating correctly. Besides, this guarantees your workstation is clean without unnecessary water spills.

Lower Wash Arm Assembly

Just like in the upper rack, the dishwasher also has a lower rack that is usually supplied with water through the Lower wash arm. If enough water doesn’t circulate in this compartment, it means that utensils will not clean properly. This will results in dirty utensils despite the cleaning. Eventually, food particles and debris may start accumulating here. When you notice the utensils on the lower rack don’t clean properly, you should check on the lower wash arm. Ensure to clean any dirt that has accumulated. Sometimes the clogging is too much that cleaning may not be effective. In this case, get a Bosch dishwasher repair expert to handle the issue.

Defective Circulation Pump

To enhance ample water circulation through both the centre and lower wash arms a motor propeller is used. The motor must work smoothly for best results regarding water circulation. If the circulation pump works seamlessly, then the dishwasher will go about its business flawlessly.

Sometimes, while the dishwasher is on, you may not hear any sound from the motor. This could be the sign of a defective circulation pump. Again, the motor could also make humming sounds after filling the dishwasher with water. First off, you need to confirm that there is power in the motor. Next, you need to verify if the pump is turning. If it is not turning, then there could be a debris stuck in the motor. You will need to get rid of any debris in the motor. But, be careful as this is the heart of the dishwashing machine. In fact, you must consider getting an expert to help at this stage.

Rather than leaving your dishwasher to rot in the shed or garden, you should seriously think about getting an expert to get it running. Whatever seems to be the fault, our friendly dishwashing machine experts will diagnose and fix it. Our only goal is to get your dishwasher working again in the shortest time possible. We do this while helping you to save money with our competitive rates.

We can visit your location for an assessment of the dishwasher after you call us. If you would like to make an appointment, please get in touch with Repair Aid customer service team right now. They are always there to listen to you and give you the best advice.

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