What Do You Do When Your Bosch Dishwasher Isn’t Turning On?

Have you ever tried to use your dishwasher after a meal only to realise that it just won’t turn on? Frustrating!

This can be a nightmare, especially if you rely solely on your dishwasher for washing your utensils. In this situation, a quick lesson in getting your dishwasher back on could prove vital. We, nonetheless always encourage homeowners to use our professional Bosch dishwasher experts for all their repairs. We don’t want you making things worse by trying to carry out repairs on your own.

But, if you are confident in your skills, you can save a lot of money by learning and be carrying out DIY repairs around the house. Hence, it is essential to be equipped with some basic knowledge of what you can do if your dishwasher won’t start. The subsequent are a few recommended actions to take:

Check whether the power is on

This should be at the top of the list when it comes to checking all electronic devices. For them to operate, they must be receiving power, and hence the power knob should be on. If the power is on yet the Bosch dishwasher won’t turn on, you should confirm that the installed fuses and power breaker are working. If you are uncomfortable checking on connectivity, then you can contact a licensed technician to check this out for you.

This is because, under many circumstances, dishwashers are connected to the home’s electrical wiring hence it may be tricky to confirm power availability if you don’t know where and when to touch the cables. You should, therefore, be very careful when checking the wiring. If you do not have the skill and experience to make appliance repairs then please call a professional dishwasher repair engineer.

Check whether the door latch is working correctly

The primary purpose for a door latch in a dishwasher is to ensure there are no water leakages from the machine. The door latches are usually fitted with switches that are designed to control the device when a door is opened. What they do is that they turn off the machine whenever the door is opened. Therefore, to have your dishwasher working, you need to disarm the switch altogether. This is achieved by ensuring the door is closed firmly hence activating the door latch.

It is important to note that the dishwasher can only work when the door is closed and latched. If, it is open, it will not work due to the switch.

The door switch is made up of terminals that enable it to function. Due to being exposed to water over a long time, the terminals may become corroded. When this happens, it will deter a proper electrical connection hence affecting the turning on of the dishwasher. It is, therefore, necessary to check on these terminals to see whether they are getting corroded to avoid such challenges.

Interestingly, you ought to know that your dishwasher is very sensitive when trying to open the door. You should ensure the door latch is well mated to the catch. If it is not, then your Bosch dishwasher will not turn on. This is because the machine will consider itself open and remember it can only work when the door latch is tightly closed. It is easy to check whether the door latch is well fitted to the catch by using the Ohm Meter. This will help you confirm whether or not there are closed circuits.

However, remember to turn off power from source first when doing this. Also, ensure you have removed the wires that may be passing current at the switch terminal.

Check whether the timer is malfunctioning

This is a critical part of the dishwasher. This is because it determines and controls the power that is required in every compartment. This means if you have a faulty timer, there would be an inadequate distribution of power to the various chambers of the machine. This could lead to the device not turning on and also result in so many other challenges that may be related to electronic control. Ensure to check this out.

Check the cycle selector

A Bosch dishwasher uses the cycle selector to instruct the machine on the operation required. This could be to wash the utensils, dry them or even rinse or adjust the temperatures. If your device is not turning on, you can do a random check with the cycle selector just to confirm that it is not stuck in the machine settings. If you are using a model that uses buttons, this may be a widespread occurrence, and hence you should be keen to check and confirm that only one button is pressed at a time.

Faulty motor

Sometimes, you may fill your Bosch dishwasher with water while getting ready to run a wash cycle only for it not to start. If this happens, check out the motor. Ensure it doesn’t have clogged materials preventing the dishwasher from starting. You can do this by checking underneath the pump cover and the filter assembly.

Get help from a dishwashing machine technician

If after doing all the above you dishwasher still fails to start, then you need to consult with a professional. A Bosch dishwashing machine repair expert will troubleshoot and determine the real problem. Then they will get it sorted. If you need to speak to a reputable technician, get in touch with Repair Aid dishwasher repair experts, we are here to help.

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