How to Clean the Bosch Dishwasher Filter

A dishwasher is a handy appliance to have at home. Besides cleaning dishes, it can help you save on water bills. Thus, it is vital to ensure you maintain your dishwasher in tip-top condition always. However, sometimes you may realise a few things are not working correctly. One such sensitive area is the filter. For the dishwasher to work efficiently, the food particles are filtered to keep them away from the pump.

After a long time of usage, you may realise that some particles may find their way to the drain pump. It is essential to know how to clean this filter before it becomes entirely blocked. It is important to note also that these filters should ideally clean themselves. But, you will still need to probe them regularly.

So, how should you go about filter cleaning?

  • Open the door fully and remove the lower shelf of your Bosch dishwasher.
  • Next, set free the cylinder filter. This is habitually on the floor of the Bosch dishwasher. It is next to the lower spray arm.
  • After you have released the cylinder filter, you should then remove the food particles that could be accumulated underneath the chamber channel. Ensure you inspect the area thoroughly to make sure all dirt and particles are gotten rid-off.
  • Now that you have addressed the solid particles use some warm water to clean the cylinder filter. Always use soap to make sure all dirt is thoroughly washed.
  • Do not forget the level filter after cleaning the cylinder filter. This is usually on the floor of the dishwasher; make sure to lift it up. Then wash thoroughly with warm water and soap.

In the course of cleaning your Bosch dishwasher, you will need to dismantle a lot of parts to get to the filters. Be heedful not to damage any of the parts. It is essential to use an expert dishwashing machine technician to undertake this task. You must avoid the risk of misplacing a piece or connecting the wrong parts. Your dishwasher won’t function properly if you are unable to put the parts together correctly. Therefore, you should make sure you have re-assembled all the pieces correctly.

Clean the Bosch Dishwasher Filter

Repairing a Bosch dishwasher has proven to be a challenge for most homeowners. They try to fix their dishwashers but end up making a mess of things. Finally, they give up and ring an expert to sort it out. Unfortunately, some machines are passed the repair stage due to further complications caused by the homeowner. If you lack the skill or just don’t know your way around a dishwashing machine, please call our Bosch dishwasher repair experts. Don’t risk it. You might make things worse.

It is recommended to check your dishwasher each month. This will ensure there are little or no debris and food particles stuck in the filters. By carrying out routine checks, it will increase the lifespan of your dishwasher.

It is essential to double check that the entire filter system is locked after a reassembly of parts. Also, check on the bolts on the filter system and make sure they are well fitted. A loose connection of elements is strictly forbidden. All parts must sit correctly before the dishwasher can run smoothly. There are various tutorials to guide you on how to wash your Bosch dishwasher filter – check them out to learn more.

Besides washing your filters, another challenge is a dishwasher that is unable to drain. This means that it is most probably blocked and in need of cleaning. Well, you can use the same cleaning methods to empty the dishwasher. This will end up saving you time and resources.

If the dishwasher still doesn’t work after all these steps, then you probably need to have it checked by an expert. There could be other issues affecting your Bosch dishwasher. In fact, it is best not to use it until it has been reviewed and fixed by an expert. Otherwise, it may lead to more expensive or irreversible complications.

We can help you fix your Bosch dishwasher

Our Bosch dishwasher repair experts are well-qualified with many years of experience in the niche. They will not only tell you the part in need of repair but will also know whether replacing the part is necessary.

All the above should provide helpful guidance in case you need help with cleaning your dishwasher filters. But, we highly recommend you use the services of Repair Aid dishwashing machine experts. Our services are insured, and you can rest knowing you hired a professional to complete the job.

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