Siemens Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Siemens is one of the leading German automation companies, they describe themselves as technology pioneers and when you consider their impressive reputation that is certainly understandable.

While Siemens make plenty of different electronic appliances one of their most popular is washing machines. But while they certainly have a reputation for high-quality that doesn’t mean they won’t suffer from errors every now and again.

However, the good news is you don’t have to let this worry you because thanks to their helpful display understanding each error code is relatively simple and straightforward. Let’s take a look at each error code and find out what they all mean.

Siemens washing machine

Siemens Error Codes

The error codes are a little unusual with Siemens washing machines there’s a variety of numbers and they don’t all follow a simple numerological sequence. Let’s take a look at each of the error code numbers in more detail.

Water Level Errors

Error 01 and 17– These error codes mean there has been a water level error detected in the washing machine, you should check the supply hoses and filters to make sure it’s not a simple block or hose kink. While it might be relatively easy to fix more complicated issues will need the assistance of a professional.

Heater Errors

Error 02 – This means there’s an issue with the heater in the appliance, checking this will usually require a multi-meter so it’s something best left to a professional.

Error 09 – This error code means unexpected heating has been detected in the washing machine, again this is something that could have numerous causes and should only be properly checked by someone with experience. So, if you see this error code call in our professional team for assistance.

Drainage Errors

Error 03 and 18 – These error codes mean your appliance can’t drain properly, this problem again could take numerous forms but will most often be caused by debris blocking the pump or filter. So, you might be able to correct this issue yourself, but if you’re unsure what the cause is or not confident then call in a technician for help.

Motor Errors

Error 04, 05, 21, 42, 43 and 44 – Motor error codes come in a variety of numbers as you can see. The cause of this error can take many forms including excessive wear, damage or corrosion to the wires. Calling in a professional technician to fix any of these errors is the only way to get them safely fixed.

Sensor Errors

Error 06 and 07 – This means there is a problem with the NTC sensor in your appliance this could be because the sensor is defective or due to its connections. Once again calling in a technician is the best way to fix this issue.

Door Lock Errors

Error 08, 16 and 34 – These codes all relate to the door of your washing machine, this might sound bad, but the good news is fixing this problem can sometimes be very easy. If the door latch or catch is damaged or blocked, then that could be causing the problem.

However, if your door lock is electrical or you can’t spot any issues with the catch or latch then it could be a more complicated issue that will require professional assistance to fix. The issue could also be internal or due to a bad connection so call in our repair engineers if you’re unsure.

Communication Errors

Error 10 – This error means your appliance as detected a problem with the internal communication in your machine. This will usually be down to an electrical or wiring problem between your appliances module and motor. While you can usually inspect the wiring yourself this is really something that should be carried out by a professional technician.

Resetting Error Codes

Sometimes washing machines can have their own technical hiccups where they experience errors for no known reason. By resetting the error, you may be able to wipe it from the machine, this is also something that should be done if an existing error is fixed as well. Follow the simple steps below to reset an error.

  1. Turn the dial to the off position, in some machines this is known as the rest position.
  2. Then turn the dial to the half-way point, this would be the 6 o’clock position on a traditional clock face.
  3. Then press and hold the spin button, while also moving the dial to the 7 o’clock position.
  4. Continue to hold the spin button for at least five more seconds then move the dial back to the off/ reset position.
  5. Finally turn the machine back on and the error code should be cleared.

Remember if you are having trouble with any error codes that you can’t get rid of or identify the cause of then we are ready to help.

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