My Washing Machine Won’t Start!

At Repair Aid we have seen how frustrating it is to our customers when their washing machines just won’t start. This could be even more stressful when the door is locked and your clothes are effectively sealed inside your washing machine. But before you attempt to break the machine open try a few of our tips below instead, your machine might not be quite as dead as it first appears.

My Washing Machine Won’t Start

Check The Fuse

You’d be surprised how often a simple thing like changing the fuse can bring an apparently dead piece of electronic equipment back to life. A washing machine is no different so be sure to check the fuse before making any rash decisions about breaking open the door.

If you have a test meter then you’ll be able to check the fuse with that, if you’re getting no response then try exchanging the fuse with another 13 amp one. Many people forget to ever check the fuse when something won’t start but in many cases, the fuse is the most likely culprit and simply changing it can save you a lot of time, money and worry.

Be aware though if the lights are still lit up on the appliance then you can skip this step because the problem won’t be the fuse.

13A Fuse

Check The Socket

Another common mistake people make is instantly assuming the fault is with their washer, it could just as easily be the socket causing the problem. Again, if the lights are still powered on the appliance then the socket is supplying power but if they’re not lighting up try checking the socket to see what happens.

The sockets switch could simply be pressed down accidentally or it may have got broken, if the switch is fine then try plugging something else into the socket to see what happens. If it doesn’t work no matter what’s plugged in then the problem is with the socket, not the washer.

If it is the socket then simply plugging your appliance elsewhere should solve the problem till you get the socket repaired. For your own safety, please call skilled and experienced washing machine repair technician who have the knowledge of how to conduct repairs safely.

Check Your Junction Box

Finally, one last place you should check is your junction box, while it is certainly not the norm your electrics may have simply tripped and affected your sockets or the room with your appliance in, this is often the kitchen for most people.

If you notice other electrical equipment not working then simply checking the box and resetting it should solve the problem. If your electric is tripping every time you plug the washing machine in then you may have a more complicated problem. Try unplugging other electronics and trying again or changing the machine’s fuse. If the issue persists then you should call in your local Repair Aid engineer.

It’s Still Not Working and My Washer Is Not Starting

If you’ve checked all the above issues and the washer still won’t start then don’t panic it could still be a fixable problem. One of the most common reasons for a washing machine refusing to start is the door, the interlock to be precise.

Your washer’s interlock can be affected by a number of problems like a faulty or damaged switch or wiring. So, examine the door lock carefully and see if anything is out of place, it might simply need a little readjusting to open but be careful you could end up doing more harm than good by trying to fix it yourself.

If it is the machine’s interlock then the lights should still be showing if they’re not and you’ve tried everything else then it’s likely a more serious issue with the appliance its-self. While you might be lucky and be able to temporarily work around an interlock issue it’s best to call a Repair Aid engineer to fix or replace the lock for you.

If you’ve been using your appliance a lot lately and then it just suddenly shuts off and won’t power on then it may have overheated. The lights may still be on, although in the majority of cases you’ll have no power at all. If it is a problem caused by your machine overheating then simply give it some time to cool down, unplug the machine leave it for a few hours and then try plugging it in again.

Like many electronic appliances, washers can overheat so make sure you take this into consideration. And if your appliance still won’t turn on and you’ve tried everything else call in a Repair Aid washing machine technician.

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