AEG SenseCook Hobs Deliver Automated Cooking

‘Automated cooking’ feels like an odd term to talk about in 2019. Isn’t that scheduled for 2050? Jokes aside, the reality of these developments are no laughing matter. The past five years has seen home appliance manufacturers make massive strides in the development and production of products – largely due to the smart technology phenomenon. AEG’s latest innovation, the ‘SenseCook‘, continues this trend with the production of hobs that can automate the cooking process.

SenseCook is a line of three separate hobs from AEG. A variety of technology keeps track of your food using sensors and adjusts the temperatures of the burners to ensure you get a consistent, even heat throughout your food. This consistency doesn’t just extend to one batch – but every time you make the same batch of food.

As aforementioned, there are three different types of hobs under the ‘SenseCook’ line – two of which have been built with specific tasks in mind, with the third combining both of these functions.


AEG SenseFry

The first is the ‘SenseFry‘ hob that has been created for pan frying. Using the hob’s touchscreen display, you’ll select from a list of foods that lines up with what you plan to cook. For example, if you want to fry bacon, you’d choose ‘bacon’ from the list. From there, you’ll be able to decide on how well done you want the food. The hob then maintains the pan’s heat to ensure it achieves the result that you desire.

This is an incredibly helpful feature for those who like their steak done a certain way. Once you get the right ‘formula’, you’ll get the same results with your steak every single time. The SenseFry (and the SenseBoil) also comes with MaxiSense self-sizing cooking zones. This means that the hobs will automatically detect the size of pot or pan and adjust the heating zones accordingly – ensuring that it’s never using more energy than it needs.


AEG SenseBoil

The second type of hob is the ‘SenseBoil‘. These sensors will detect when a pot of boiling water is on, and when that water begins to boil. When it detects that it has, it will automatically bring the temperature down to achieve the ‘simmer’ that so many food types demand from us.

If you’re consistently finding that your water is boiling over, you won’t have this problem with a SenseBoil hob. Additionally, the SenseBoil hob (as well as the SensePro) comes with the ‘Hob2Hood’ feature. This allows for the hood and lights to be automatically adjusted from the hob. This means that the hob will adjust the speed of the extractor fan. Finally, the PowerBoost button will boil water in under 90 seconds – making it faster than a kettle.


AEG SensePro

The third type of hob is the hybrid ‘SensePro‘ model which does everything that both the SenseBoil and SenseFry models does, but does it a little bit differently. It uses a wireless thermometer to track internal temperature of the food which sends signals to the hob to allow it to automatically change the burner’s temperature.

The precision that the thermometer provides can actually allow you to achieve professional kitchen results in your home due to being able to control temperatures to within 1°C. You could even accurately sous-vide food!

The SensePro (as well as the SenseFry) also comes with a FlexiBridge function – allowing you to combine two heating areas together to fit larger pans or pots. This makes it great for those who host parties or often have large family gatherings.

For those that want some more control over their dishes, the easy-to-use touchscreen serves as the main control interface – allowing you to adjust settings to your preferences. You’ll also be able to monitor each heating zone in real-time. If, for some reason, you want to adjust the settings, you have the tools to do so.

Whatever choice you make, the SenseCook line of hobs is incredibly impressive – and offers a lot of value to every person who cooks. Everyday preparers of meals will enjoy the freedom in being able to trust that their hob is in good hands without watching it like a hawk; whereas amateur chefs will appreciate the professional capabilities of the technology.

If you buy one of these models, make sure to employ a good installer to ensure your hob will be at its most efficient. At Repair Aid, we perform hob installations – and we even offer 12-month guarantees on all of our work.

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