Are Dual-Fuel Ovens Worth It

Dual-fuel is a feature we are seeing included with all kinds of appliances and ovens are no different. But are dual-fuel ovens worth it, when a standard oven effectively does exactly the same thing? Well, let’s take a closer look at what they are, what they offer and how they work to find out.

Dual-fuel ovens might seem a little confusing at first glance. Unlike other kinds of dual-fuel appliances that are designed to run on two different types of fuel, like a dual-fuel generator, a dual-fuel oven is actually a range that combines gas and electricity into one appliance.

Most commonly it will have an electric oven with a gas-powered hob at the top. It can be natural gas or propane it doesn’t really matter. Dual-fuel ovens where once very exclusive appliances only really available in high-end retailers and they had very high price tags as well.

However, they are now becoming much more commonplace and are usually the first choice for home chefs. Dual-fuel ovens are said to have many benefits but most people prefer them because they offer the more precise controls of a gas burner with the more even heat of electricity.

Gas and electricity are very different fuel-sources but they each have their own unique properties are benefits. With a dual-fuel range, you effectively get the benefits of both types of fuel in the same type of appliance so it’s easy to see why serious home chefs like them.

But even if you aren’t a passionate home chef you can still benefit from a dual-range oven. They give added versatility with the two different fuels, more even cooking, and electric ovens are usually self-cleaning as well. So, there are plenty of benefits to having a dual-fuel oven but that doesn’t answer the main question of the title, are they worth it?

Should You Buy A Dual-Fuel Oven?

Dual-Fuel Ovens

Well, I’ve talked about the benefits of dual-fuel ovens already but while they are undoubtedly one of the more efficient ovens available that doesn’t mean you should necessarily buy one does it? Well, let’s consider that in more detail.

The main issue with dual-fuel ovens is that they are very expensive appliances. Especially when compared to the more conventional models available. Buying a sole gas or electric oven is going to be much cheaper than buying a dual-fuel model in most cases.

However, there is some good news because like I said earlier more manufacturers are entering the dual-fuel market nowadays. The extra competition means prices aren’t quite as high as they once were but they are still expensive.

If you wait for sales you could even net yourself further savings. However, the initial price of the oven isn’t the only cost you will need to consider. A dual-fuel oven will often require a plumber or electrician to properly install because most kitchens won’t be set up to accommodate a dual-fuel appliance.

How much this installation could actually end up costing you will, of course, vary quite considerably but it is definitely worth factoring into your decision. When you take the extra expense and work into account it could seem like getting a dual-fuel oven is more hassle than it’s worth especially when compared to the benefits.

Bakers and other more passionate cooks will certainly benefit and recognise the differences between dual-fuel and regular standard gas and electric ovens. But if you aren’t a particularly passionate chef or baker then opting for dual-fuel likely isn’t really necessary. There are some nice perks but they just won’t really mean much to you.

But if you are a keen cook or baker then buying a dual-fuel oven could certainly be worth it. So, in most cases, it will really depend on why you’re cooking and whether you can really afford the initial cost and installation. If you can go for it!

Cheaper Alternatives

If like the sound of the dual-fuel ovens but can’t really justify the extra-expense then there are some other cheaper options to pursue. These won’t be as effective as a dual-fuel oven but they are certainly worth knowing about.

If you have an electric range and are having issues with heating food evenly then buying new cookware could help. If your cookware is old then it could have dead spots that won’t heat properly you can also get specialised cookware designed to work with electric ovens.

On the other side of the spectrum, gas ovens that are having trouble with achieving an even temperature could benefit from using baking stones. These will help keep the oven temperature consistent and are a lot cheaper than a dual-fuel appliance.

Neither method will be as effective but they are still worth trying. Dual-fuel ovens offer some great benefits but they are expensive so it all really comes down to how badly you want one and if you can afford it.

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