Can you fix a cracked ceramic hob?

Many people love ceramic hobs and stove tops because of the way that they evenly cook food in an efficient manner versus other types of hobs. However, sadly, they can be subject to wear and tear that can cause permanent damage that is very visible – specifically when cracks form.

While your brain may be able to look past smaller crackers, larger cracks can also form. So is it possible to repair these small dents and cracks? At Repair Aid, we’re often called out to perform hob repairs so we have the authority to not only answer the question, but we are the people to call out if you need your hob repaired in the London area!

Can scratches be repaired?

So there are really different types of damage that can happen to ceramic hobs. Firstly, let’s cover scratches. While smaller scratches don’t have much of a visual impact, larger scratches can certainly be very noticeable. Surface scratching is repairable, but deeper scratches generally cannot be fixed.

Light scratching can even be solved in a DIY fashion by buffing the surface. Just use some water and baking soda to make a paste and rub it into the scratches in a circular motion. Wipe it away and hopefully it’ll have made an impact. Just be careful – too much buffing can make the surface even worse. If it works, it works; if it doesn’t, don’t force it.

What about cracks?

Generally speaking, these cannot be repaired without being replaced. And, on top of that, cracks create a huge safety risk that could possible provide an electrical shock to whoever is using the hob. In other words, don’t ignore this.

You’ve really got two routes here: either replace the glass or replace the hob. The former may not be possible and you may be required to get a new stove top. The reason this cannot be repaired is that filling the crack in with a refill solution will create a safety risk in itself as glass refills do not have the heat resistance required to safely cook. So it’s a sort of ‘all or nothing’ approach with ceramic hobs.

What about smaller cracks?

As long as they are not interfering with the cooking function, these are generally fine. The main problem you’re going to have is keeping them clean of debris and dust. You can actually buy kits that can help ‘repair’ these smaller cracks but, keep in mind, these kits mainly just clean the cracks or the imperfections. They won’t get rid of the cracks permanently.

Replacing the ceramic surface of a hob

How would a replacement work?

Replacing the ceramic surface of a hob is not an easy task. A repairer/installer will have to disassemble the unit so this is not something that should be attempted DIY. Depending on how your hob is fitted into your kitchen, it may even require the removal of surrounding kitchen tops and counters so as to get access to the ceramic hob.

It’s important to note is that if you recently bought the hob, you will likely be under warranty and, as such, the manufacturer will offer to replace; however, this does vary between manufacturer so make sure to refer to your stove’s paperwork to see if this is applicable in your case.

How do I prevent further damage?

ceramic hob

There are certainly things you can change to stop an imperfection or crack from spreading out or getting worse. Firstly, either use stainless-steel, cast-iron or aluminium pots with smooth bottoms and avoid any pans that have coloured-bottoms. Make sure to pick up the pot rather than slide it along the surface as this can cause scratching.

You’ll also want to watch out when moving pots that are heavy so that you don’t drop them onto the surface. If you happen to spill contents out of a pot, make sure to clean the mess up as soon as it has cooled as this can weaken the glass over time and cause small imperfections. Lastly, don’t put pressure on the ceramic surface other than your cooking pots and pans. In other words, it’s not a chopping board – it’s a hob!

But if you do need your hob repaired or replaced in London, make sure to give Repair Aid a call on 020 7183 6944 or use our contact form to get an appointment with one of our engineers as soon as possible.

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