How To Keep Your Oven Clean During Cooking

You might be surprised by just how dirty your oven can get during the course of the average day. Even if you only cook one meal a day food particles and grease can all build up very quickly but how do you get things to stay clean?

Well, we can answer that question and in fact, there’s actually a number of different answers to it. Which is great news because it means there are multiple ways you can keep your cooker clean during the cooking process. Below we’ve outlined all the ways you can keep your oven clean from simple tricks, cleaning tips, and even cooking equipment.

Roast Crackling When Doing Roasts

Everyone enjoys a good roast, don’t they? But they are one of the messiest meals you can cook and a roast, in particular, will leave a lot of grease around the oven walls. However, you can help reduce the mess by cooking the crackling, you can do this by partially cooking the meat first, make sure it’s covered in foil.

meat covered in foil

Then once you are around two-thirds of the cooking process remove the foil and let the meat finish cooking. This way you’ll be able to remove the crackling more easily and help prevent the spread of grease around the oven.

Use Enclosed Containers and Don’t Forget Pan Lids!

Cooking utensils like pans and dishes can usually be bought with lids, they might be more expensive but they will be incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping your oven and cooker clean. Without a lid the food that is being cooked will release liquids in a fine spray, it looks like steam to the naked eye but trust me it isn’t.

Foods that are high in fats are the worst offenders but many foods will release this kind of spray while cooking. Once the spray hits the oven it can leave behind a nasty mess so simply getting oven dishes with lids will help prevent this problem.

casserole dish with lid

The same principle applies to pans, but with pans, the lids will help prevent them from spilling over. If pans boil over it can leave behind a nasty mess on the top of the cooker which can be very difficult to clean up. Yes, we all know you keep a close eye on your pans as they boil but a pan can quite literally boil over in a few seconds so play it safe and get a pan with a lid it will help trust me.

Clean Up Any Messes As Soon As You Can!

This is one of the simplest ways to ensure your oven stays clean and as the subtitle tells you all you need to do is clean up any messes as soon as you can! While it sounds simple and easy you’d be surprised just how many people won’t actually follow this advice.

On one hand, this does make sense as you’ll likely notice a mess when you’re deep into the cooking process and when you’re cooking you likely won’t want to halt progress to clean up a mess, will you? But if you do spot a messy stain or an overflowing tray in the oven it will be better to clean the mess up right away.

get it cleaned as soon as it’s safe to do so

If you leave the stain it will likely get cooked into the oven which will make removing it very difficult, so the next time you spot a stain in the oven turn it off and then get it cleaned as soon as it’s safe to do so. Yes, it might be annoying to wait a little longer till the meal is cooked but trust me it will make keeping your oven clean much easier.

Put A Spill-Tray In Your Oven

A spill tray is going to be a very valuable tool when it comes to keeping your oven clean! They help stop those annoying drips from oven trays and can be incredibly valuable for those longer cooking times.

spill tray

All you need to do is keep the spare oven tray at the bottom of your oven and once the meal is finished you can quickly take it to the sink and wash it. You can make this even simpler by lining the oven tray with foil, then all you need to do is bin the foil.

Clean Your Oven Like Clockwork

Finally, our last tip is all about maintaining a cooking routine, even if you take every precaution I mentioned above your oven will still get dirty eventually. So, make sure you clean it regularly because that will help ensure it always stays clean and a cleaner oven means better food.

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