Oven and Cooker Fire Risks

Contrary to what most people believe, most hob and oven fires reported on a daily basis usually emanate from the appliances themselves – not the cooking item. Furthermore, fire that has been put out by the local fire brigade team will be put on the news, but there is always omission of the severity and causes from the presented reports.

All said and done; it is notable that other factors like the environment, use, or maintenance could lead to a fire. Thus, for you to be safe with built on hobs, ovens, and cookers, it is vital to carry out maintenance at routine interludes. Not doing so will lead to many risks to a homeowner while using these appliances. Additionally, a smoke detector should be in the house to alarm you if a fire broke out without your knowledge.

What can burn in an oven?

Long story short, any flammable material not meant to go inside an oven. Of course, anything put in an oven is meant for cooking. It would be ignorant for any manufacturer to make a product meant for high temperatures to be used with a highly flammable material. There can be some materials made from sturdy plastic which cannot burn when inside the cooker.

Sometimes, a component might end blowing up, but it does not mean the machine is on fire. It could be a puff of smoke from burnt food or a bang, but chances of a full fire are virtually nil.

What burns in a built-in oven or cooker?

The only thing that can end up getting burnt inside a cooker is what we put in, and forget to clean it out if there was spillage. The most common fires on a grill is a pan fire that is ignited under the rack because of grease or fat. If you cook using an oven while it is on high temperature, it will cause fat and oil to become highly flammable.

Occasionally, food in the oven can boil over or spill to the base and ignite, so it is essential to be cautious of the amount of food you are putting on oven trays. These are the most causes, but it only gets serious when the cooker is heavily coated with grease or has another substance that can quickly catch fire. It is essential to clean the cooker often, so you are encouraged to cook with it.

Dealing with fire

Like all electric appliances, do not throw water on the fire as it is hazardous. Before seeking the services of a professional electric oven repair technician, turn the appliance off. Try as much as possible not to indulge in a do it yourself activity as you could worsen the situation.

During such fire incidences, at no time should you open the windows as there will be an overflow of oxygen making the fire spread faster. Stay out of the house as you wait for the fire brigade to arrive.

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