Why Oven Door Glasses Shatter

Despite the fact that solidified oven door glass is an extremely strong, durable & tenacious material, it, unfortunately, breaks from time to time. Of course, this is regardless of every precaution being taken to prevent them from shattering. And, although possibly defined as ‘inconvenient’ at worst, it is no secret that crashes do occur. But, thankfully, the accidental damage rate is meagre according to studies.

Granted, the oven is used in the kitchen for the preparation of a variety of dishes. Sadly, when the oven door glass shatters, it makes it impossible for you to use the oven in preparing food for you and your loved ones. Unfortunately, it is not plausible to precisely say what would cause an oven glass door to shatter. But, forensics can be used to analyse and determine what exactly causes breakage of the oven glass door. Even so, this can cost too much.

Common Reasons That May Cause an Oven Glass Door to Shatter

The most common reason given for a broken oven glass door is the placements of a dump tablecloth on the door’s handle. This dump cloth will cause a change in the temperature around the glass. When the glass expands due to the heat, it leaves the area around the dump cloth cooler, and it does not expand as much as the other parts of the glass.  The difference in temperature around the glass causes it to shutter.

Other causes can be accidental hitting of the glass, which causes it to shatter. Or it might cause a crack that develops and eventually breaks.

Glass oven door shuttering is most common in the low range oven types. Interestingly, shattered glass oven doors are not common with expensive ovens and cookers. Yes, this is because most of these expensive ovens and cookers come with door ventilation systems and multiple glasses on the oven door which protects it from damaging easily. Of course, this is a clear indication of the fact that cheaper ovens damage easier than their expensive counterparts.

Another factor that can cause oven glass door to shatter is a faulty thermostat. Also, if the door has a faulty door seal or hinges, it can lead to it being smashed. A faulty system can cause instability in temperatures which causes shattering.

Numerous reasons can cause shattering of glass, regardless of which one caused the shattering of your oven glass door, one factor remains constant, the need to have it repaired.

The good thing about these glass oven doors is that they are mostly only susceptible to shattering after a few years of use. It is tough for the glass to need replacement only a short while after purchasing the oven. Indeed, this means that the warranty will not cover most ovens by the time the glass door shatters.

Repairing a Shattered Oven Glass Door

When it comes to the repair of a shattered oven glass door, most people would want to do it themselves, without needing the help of a professional. Even so, this is highly discouraged since it can be dangerous. The best thing to do is to find a qualified oven repair engineer who can do the replacement for you safely and at an affordable rate.

Most oven doors are complicated, and only an expert is best placed to make the replacement safely. Also, most glass oven doors do not come as one piece. They come with different parts that need to be assembled to make it a complete door. An expert is best placed to join the pieces together effectively and efficiently. Please contact Repair Aid London if you need any further support.

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