The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Hobs

When the idea of purchasing a ceramic hob pops up, you need to ensure you get one that can use the fuel available. Also, do a thorough research to get one that won’t break down after only being in use for a few months. The ceramic hobs are great, but they also come with their limitations. So, let’s ensure you know all there is to know about ceramic hobs before making a final decision.

# Pros of Ceramic Hobs

  • Have touch controls
  • Easy to clean
  • They look fantastic
  • They can be virtually flushed with the worktop
  • There is no particular requirement for installation
  • They have timers to stop cooking.

# Cons of Ceramic Hobs

  • They are easily scratched by sliding pans
  • Can be broken by falling objects
  • They are costly when repairing
  • Spilt syrup corrodes them
  • They are only efficient when the correct size pan is used.

Preference on whether to purchase gas, electric, or ceramic hob solely lies with the individual, but as usual, each product comes with its disadvantages. If you ever experience a problem with your hob you can always reply on Repair Aid for all your electric hob repairs.

Rise of Ceramic Hobs

In previous years, ceramic hobs were clunky and slow products that didn’t deserve a place in any kitchen. Things are changing slowly with built in appliances being the cooking trend, a fully fitted kitchen ceramic hob has become popular. It has led to the drop in prices of the solid plate hobs which were a preference for cooking by many individuals.

Domestic Induction Hobs and Cookers

There is so much buzz about these induction hobs but do the risks outweigh the benefits? It could not be your ideal kitchen appliance because just like the cookers and hobs, it requires regular servicing to ensure it functions well. They also need adequate ventilation, and in case the installation guidelines are not followed to the latter, they will fail. The pans that are used should also be the correct ones, or it will get spoilt.

If you need professional assistance with the installation of your new cooking appliance please do not hesitate to contact Repair Aid.

Keeping Ceramic Hobs Clean

Ceramic hobs are a unique type of ceramic glass hence their name, which is very expensive to develop with spare parts that are not easy to find. While it is a durable glass, it requires a lot of care and cleaning so that it can remain intact and functional for a long time. Do not store anything on the hob as it will be damaged. The only known damage to the ceramic is the impact objects exert on it. The glass is not scratch resistant making them susceptible to scratches from pans and if cleaned vigorously.

For the ceramic to remain as clean as new, use a soft cloth when cleaning and always lift the pan over as sliding will lead to a permanent scratch. If there are burnt residues, use a ceramic hob scraper designed explicitly for that purpose.

Should You Buy a Ceramic Hob?

Interestingly, this is a question that can be responded to by the user as they have a better idea of its functionality. If you prefer a gas hob, we recommend you stick to it as it has an entirely different experience. Also use our handy hob buyer’s guide to discover everything you need to know about buying your new hob.

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