Siemens Smart Home Connect Ovens – The Future of Home Cooking

Oven technology is advancing at quite the pace, with manufacturers keen to demonstrate to consumers that their modern appliances come with enough new bells and whistles that it’ll make your old ovens and cookers look somewhat pre-historic. There’s no doubt that there’s a degree of marketing hype to fuel the fires of consumerism, but that doesn’t necessarily make the hype untrue either. Take, for example, the Siemens Smart Home Connect Oven series.

Siemens is a manufacturer with a great name and reputation in the field of technology thanks to a proven track record. One of their current big innovations is their ‘Home Connect‘ technology. This tech sees Siemens not just try sell you on one appliance – but a whole range of home appliances that can be inter-connected and controlled via WiFi and a smartphone app. This range includes coffee making machines, washing machines, fridge freezers, dishwashers and, of course, ovens.

It’s the latter one we want to look at here – particularly the innovative new feature named ‘recipeWorld‘. While there are other smart ovens out there currently being developed to automatically identify food types and adjust cooking times without any human input, there can still be a fear of ‘letting go’ of that control. After all, if the tech gets it wrong, then guests expecting a Sunday roast may be left with some Sunday toast instead.

That fear, whether unfounded or not, is going to be a barrier to those who love to cook. Siemens’ recipeWorld initiative, however, may be what bridges this gap. RecipeWorld can be accessed via the Home Connect app and allows you to browse a huge list of recipes. If you see one you like, simply select it and the instructions will be transmitted to your cooker. Yes, that’s right, no need to worry about whether or not you are following instructions clearly or adjusting a recipe to suit your cooker – the recipe has been made with your cooker in mind. That means your cooker is going to receive exacting instructions that you know will deliver results.

That means you can browse the recipe list and decide on what you want to cook during your break at work, drive to the shops when you’re done to get the ingredients, send the signal to your cooker ahead of time to make the preparations for the recipe, and then you’re set to make your dinner.

For many, this feature is going to take a lot of the misery out of not only deciding on what to eat, but during the cooking process too. No need to worry about setting the time either or forgetting – the app will also give you status updates on your meal, including a notification when the dish is complete.

Siemens Home Connect app

The Home Connect series of cookers also comes with some additional, neat features that will definitely appeal to many interested buyers. For those who like their kitchen to have an ‘ambience’, the extractor hood is fitted with lights that can change colour. This feature is controlled by the Home Connect app and affords you the choice of 256 different shades of lighting. Feeling a little intense? Calm things down with a nice blue light. Or feeling a bit down or depressed? Keep things bright with a healthy green. Entertaining guests? Set it to purple to help make them feel like royalty.

The extractor hood is also interconnected with your hob. The hob can be controlled directly from the app – allowing you to see and set whether any of the individual heating pads are on or off, as well as the time remaining until the hob has finished cooking your food.

As aforementioned, the hob is integrated with the extractor hood. So when the hob is on, the extractor hood automatically switches on. The hood will then detect any steam or odours and adjust the rate of extraction to the required levels.

All in all, the future of home cooking is starting to take shape – and it’s very clear what that future looks like: more automation and less human involvement. This technology is going to continue to become more prevalent, but it is also still in its early days. As such, it may be worth waiting to see how this technology develops. Keeping you current cooker maintained and serviced is easy with Repair Aid. We even give you a 12-month guarantee on all of our work.

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