A Step-by-step to Fixing Squeaky Hinges on an Oven Door

As time marches on, all of our appliances and white goods invariably run into problems. They aren’t built to last forever – often a decade is a ‘good run’ these days – and, as such, a problem is only around the corner. One of the problems that ovens can run into as the years go by is when the hinges start to become squeaky. It may seem like a small problem but, over time, the noise of the hinges can start to get to you – leaving you pining for the days when your oven wasn’t so talkative.

The reason for this problem is because the oils or lubricants used on the hinges when they were manufactured start to wear off. The squeaking comes from the rubbing of the hinges and the door now not having this protective liquid to stop the noise whilst being opened and closed. At Repair Aid, we often fix oven problems like this but you can also fix them yourself too. In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the whole process.

Step One: Purchase the new oil/lubricant

In order to sort the problem out, you’re going to need a new substance to replace the oil or lubricant that wore off. One way to do this is to use a high-temperature oil or multi-purpose grease. The reason it needs to be high-temperature is, of course, because it needs to be able to tolerate the high temperatures within your oven. Often these products will be marked as ‘oven safe lubricant’ or ‘oven safe grease’.

While there are short-term solutions – such as olive oil, WD-40 and petroleum jelly – these only last a few uses before needing to be reapplied or, in petroleum jelly’s case, it’s quite sensitive to heat which is not ideal at all. This is why you need substances that can withstand high heat for a long time. You should be able to find options and particular brands in online stores or DIY shops.

Squeaky hinges on an oven door

Step Two: Apply it with the oven off

Make sure to keep the oven off before you apply your substance of choice. The presence of the heat as you apply it could affect the stability of the application. It can also lead to you getting burnt or heating up the can which the substance is likely to be in – causing it to warp or even possibly explode. For a better, safer and more long-lasting application, keep the oven cool and off.

Step Three: Applying the substance

Open the oven, locate the hinges and apply the lubricant to the pivoting joints in accordance with the directions that come with the substance. Don’t worry that much about applying too much of the substance as you can always wipe the excess off with a cloth. To ensure that there’s a good enough spread to do the job, simply open and close the door multiple times to see if the squeaking has stopped.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t work after the first time as it takes a little bit of time for the substance to work its way into every groove of the hinge. This is why opening and closing the door helps as it encourages the substance to move and settle where it is needed. After the problem has been resolved, simply look at the hinges again and check to see if any of the lubricant has run down or away from the hinge. Simply wipe away this excess and the job is done!

And there you have it. That squeaky oven will no longer torment your ears. And if it happens again – well, now you know why it’s happening and you now have the knowledge and tools to do something about it!

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