Tips for Effective Electric Hob Cleaning

Proper cleaning of the old radiant ring hob and the hot plates will ensure that the hobs look good and last longer. Okay, by “electrical hobs” we are referring to the much more standard sort of hob on a cooker, in-built hob or a range cooker that isn’t ceramic.

Yes, this leaves just two kinds, the older radiant ring sorts that were recently seen on older stoves in the UK and of course the latest sealed types of those that are commonly described as sealed hob heating elements or hot plates.

With any luck, the pointers right here will certainly stop you from needing to alter the heating elements anytime soon or winding up with an unattractive hob. Complying with the straightforward suggestions below could help you save time and money.

Radiant Rings

Radiant ring types are more open than the modern sealed heating elements. They are easy to clean with a sponge or cloth. To hide minor imperfections in the older versions and restore black colour, just clean with one of the best cleaners out there. No doubt, sealed plates are prettier but require more service. Listed below are tips that will ensure your hot plate stays longer and especially the hob top.

Seasoning Plates

Seasoning frequently prevents the top surface from damage as a result of rust. Switch on the hub zone and set it at the lowest level and then cover with olive oil using a piece of cloth. Once the surface starts to shine, go ahead and increase the heat levels then leave it for a while. Switch off the hub and allow cooling. That’s right, doing this once or twice per month helps stop the leakage of water to the metallic parts – the oil forms a protective barrier. The oil that flows to the chrome trim and runs on the hob will clear and may help to cover the gaps there.

Chrome trim discolours very fast and often forms a rainbow effect pattern on them. If poorly maintained, they can be spoilt by rust, and the only solution then is to do a replacement of the whole element. Of course, your best option will be to call in a professional hob repair technician to handle any repairs for you.


Impressively, the black part of the plate can be restored. Use a quality cleaner which re-blackens the plate hence masking any rust. It also puts a shielding coating on the plate. It only changes the appearance by covering up and hiding the small issues to improve the surface of the plates. However, if there are major issues of pitting or any holes, it won’t solve that. The only solution when plates are very bad is to replace them. If your plates are in bad condition, just email us a picture of the zones, and we will advise on the right cleaner to use or the whether a replacement is necessary.

The Enamel hob top is found around the heating zones in both types. Sadly, moisture from spillage can result in rusting of the top if it gets under the enamel hence major spills need to be cleaned as fast as possible. Since moisture or negligence can only cause this, most manufacturers do not give warranty although some few manufacturers can offer extended warranty. The oil that gets in between the plates and the hob while seasoning can help solve the problem. Amazingly, the oil forms a preventive barrier hence moisture does not get to the hob causing rust. Harsh cleaners should not be used to clean the enamelled surface.

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