How To Use Your Electric Oven For The First Time

Picture this you’ve just got your new electric oven it could be a combination unit, a stylish wall oven or countertop oven the type doesn’t really matter but you’re excited to get to work using it. Well, you plug the oven in and everything seems fine at first but then you notice it a strange smell.

What is it you ask yourself? Suddenly you begin to get a little worried it smells a little like oil or maybe something burning you inspect the oven but everything seems fine so what could be making that smell it couldn’t possibly be the oven could it?

After all you haven’t even turned it on yet so what could be making that strange smell? If you have ever owned an electric oven then the above scenario might seem familiar and you might never have really got to the bottom of it the smell might simply have dissipated after a while.

But what was the cause and what does using your electric oven for the first time have to do with it? Well, first things first the smell is nothing to worry about, as long as it doesn’t smell like gas because that is a sign of a much more serious problem you’ll be fine.

Even if the smell seems to fill your whole house it isn’t anything to worry about and it’s actually a common issue that anyone who purchases a new electric oven will likely experience. So, let’s examine why this mysterious smell occurs in the first place.

What Is Causing The Smell?

So why does this smell even appear? Well, we have actually got an official answer for that one it’s because the insulation around the oven cavity emits odours when it’s exposed to heat, this will usually clear up quickly after you’ve used you electrical oven for the first time but it can persist.

Don’t worry too much if it does it will usually clear up within a week or so, but while the insulations exposure to heat is the main cause for the strange smell you should also inspect your oven carefully before you use it. It’s much easier than you think to accidentally leave some paper or zip ties in the oven when you heat it up for the first time.

This will usually cause a different odour as well after all burning paper or plastic is a very noticeable smell. Some manufacturers also state that a protective coating of oil that’s applied during the manufacturing process could be behind the cause of the smell, but whatever the cause of the smell getting rid of it is actually pretty straightforward.

So how do you go about it then? If you’ve been using your oven for a while and smell is still persisting then you can try the method we’ve laid out below but if you want to get rid of the smell as quickly as possible then you should break in your oven straightaway.

How To Break In Your Electric Oven

Wash down the inside of the oven

First all yes this is safe and can work no matter what type of electric oven you have, just make sure you follow each step of the process carefully. Make a careful inspection of your oven and make sure any padding or zip ties are removed, once that’s done prepare some soapy water and get a cloth ready.

Yeah, it might sound strange to start cleaning your oven before you’ve actually cooked anything but it’s a necessary step and you can always use it as practice for future cleaning. Wash down the inside of the oven gently including the cooking racks and then give your oven a few minutes to dry out.

Once this is all done you can start the burn-in process, there’s actually a number of ways to do this and many manufacturers may recommend their own preferred way but below I’ve outlined what is generally considered the simplest and most effective way to do it.

The Burn-In Process

burn-in process

To start the burn-in process you should turn on your oven’s fan in the ventilation hood to help alleviate the smell and you should also open some windows. Then set your oven to a high heat anywhere between 400 and 550 degrees should do it and then simply let the oven run for around 30 minutes.

Then shut off the oven and see if the smell is still around if it is then repeat the burn-in process once more, you can also leave the oven running for a little longer this time and then check again. Usually, one attempt will be enough but sometimes it can take two or three to get rid of the smell completely. Once it’s done simply allow the oven to cool and then give it one final wash down.

If you experience any problems with your newly installed electric oven and need help, please so not hesitate to contact one of our electric oven repair specialists.

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