What Is A Microwave Grill

In the UK the term microwave grill might puzzle a few people they might be able to guess what it is after all the name pretty much gives it away but most people won’t have seen one. Well, they might of but not really realised it. Microwave grills are available in the UK although they are typically just called microwaves but there are some important differences between your regular microwave and a microwave grill.

Essentially a microwave grill is your standard everyday microwave oven but with one important difference. This is the addition of a specialised grill plate that you can use when cooking. So, while a microwave grill isn’t really a microwave and grill hybrid appliance it does carry across some attributes of a traditional grill.

A modern microwave grill will usually have a grill-style plate or rack inside it. This could be fixed to the plate or removal and some microwave grills can even accommodate a wide range of different accessories as well. But what difference does this grill plate make?

The Grill Plate

Whether you want to call it a grill plate, just the grill or anything else (numerous different names are used) the end result is the same. A microwave grill uses this addition to prepare food differently when compared to your standard microwave oven.

A microwave grill can prepare foods more finely so you can get a greater texture and taste. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, a microwave grill is also going to make food look more visually appealing. For example, a grilled cheese sandwich is going to look, feel and taste better when cooked with a microwave grill than it would when cooked in a regular microwave.

Microwave grills also provide more even cooking so if you want to cook foods that aren’t usually grilled you can and will still likely achieve better results. So, there are a lot of benefits to using a microwave grill when compared to a standard microwave.

The addition of a grill plate might seem like a small thing but it can make a big difference. Most microwave grills will only be designed to work with select types of grill plate as well so I don’t recommend mixing and matching with different appliances.

The grill plate works by taking in energy from the microwave to heat the grill so that it’s hot enough to properly cook food. Because of this, it can sear, brown and grill different foods giving you more versatility than a regular microwave oven.

Because of the grill plate, you can even use a microwave grill to cook foods you wouldn’t really be able to cook with a traditional microwave oven. Foods like burgers, pizza and pasta will all taste and look at lot better when cooked with a microwave grill.

Some microwave grills even feature a baking function that doesn’t use the microwave at all! This gives you even more versatility when it comes to cooking food and you can even cook frozen food in one go without needing to thaw it out first. The addition of a grill plate might seem like a small thing but it makes a big difference.

Microwave Grills – The Advantages

Microwave grills as you know by now are quite different from your standard more conventional microwaves. The grill plates they have allow them to cook food much more efficiently than a regular microwave could but the benefits don’t end there!

Microwave grills carry over many of the benefits of standard microwaves. They are fast and easy to use which means you can usually cook a meal (for one person) in under 20 minutes. And because of the grill plate, the meal will likely taste a lot better than it would of if it was cooked in a standard microwave.

Microwave grills also allow you to properly prepare more foods as well such as vegetables. You don’t have to stick to simple easy foods or processed microwave meals with a microwave grill you have a lot more options when it comes to preparing meals.

Plus you get the speed and simplicity of a microwave as well. And you can cook all your food on one plate which will save you the washing up. Yes, it’s a small thing but does anyone really enjoy doing the washing up?

Microwave Grills – The Cost

So, if you have been convinced and want to give microwave grills a try you will usually find some available in most electronics shops and kitchen appliance suppliers. Size-wise they are similar to conventional microwaves so they won’t really take up much room.

They are going to be more expensive than your standard microwave on average but you can still find microwave grills on offer for less than £100. So, you won’t have to invest a lot of money if you are thinking of giving one a try.

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